Im pretty sure that by now, most people reading this post, has been the victim of some sort of discrimination and/or bigotry. Whether youve been discriminated against for your age, sex, race, religious views, political views, or just because you look different. But today, I am going to address hatred of gay people.

Earlier this week I heard about this group called One Million Moms. They were attempting to get Ellen Degeneres fired from her job as spokesperson of JC Penney because Ellen is gay. Its funny that they call themselves One Million Moms when, at the time of this writing, is just a little more than 43,000. (And no, I am not going to link to their facebook page)

I came across this video of Ellen addressing this bigotry:

You will see that supporters of Ellen went to their facebook page and posted their support for her in droves. In addition to that, another facebook page was started called ‘One Million Human Beings Against One Million Moms’ (https://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Million-Human-Beings-Against-One-Million-Moms/283203235026830)

On February 6th, think progress posted the following: (http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2012/02/06/419905/mother-of-gay-son-responds-to-one-million-moms-against-ellen-your-hate-speech-is-hurting-your-children/)

This mother is quoted as saying: ‘We have a huge generation of our children destroyed, hurting, bullied, tormented and committed suicide because of non-accepting organizations such as yours; your group message portrays non-acceptance and hate. Being a mother myself my maternal instinct inside me would never risk the welfare of our children by the non-acceptance and public outcry for the termination of a gay person, what type of message are you sending? A message of HATE!’

I have to say that I agree with this mom. No, my children arent gay that Im aware of….but I do know gay people who suffer because despite the fact that they are loving, caring people, theres always gonna be people who look at them and hate them just because they are gay. They will be discriminated against at their jobs and amongst their own family members for this single fact. These bigots will not see them as a great teacher, cook, parent, etc.

On February 9th, JC Penney came out and announced that Ellen represents the value of their company: (see embedded interview) http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2012/02/09/422100/jc-penney-ceo-ellen-represents-the-values-of-our-company)

In this link, JC Penney CEO, Ron Johnson again speaks to his support for Ellen (http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-ticker/ellen-degeneres-only-choice-jc-penney-ceo-says-221440378.html)

Quite honestly, Im perplexed at why Martha Stewart isnt the one they chose to target with their boycotting. At least in the case of Stewart, she was found guilty of something and went to jail.

And this morning, I came across a video in which even Bill OReilly understands what this group was attempting to say and do. Be forewarned Sandy Rios might make you want to strangle your computer.

Bill OReilly needs to be commended for his comments. He is absolutely correct. No one should be fired because they are gay. This type of witch hunt IS equal to McCarthyism.

And while Ms Rios thinks that Ellen CHOSE her lifestyle (make no mistake about her choice of words here) and believes that Ellen marrying her long time partner is wrong….I have to point out that committing to marriage (no matter what the sexual preference may be) should be commended. Contrary to belief, most gay people I know are in long term relationships.

I also find it hard to believe that ‘middle America’ wouldnt know of any gay people. She also goes on to state that children shouldnt be exposed to or ‘propagrandized’ by the gay culture. Uh…..has she even looked around?

Does Ms Rios even know the gay/straight ratio of employees in any of the stores she patronizes? It seems me that perhaps she should look into that. She may find out that she has no where to shop.

How did she say it? We are seeing gay culture embedded in our society in an alarming way? Im guessing thats because many gay people have come out publicly despite the bigotry of people like her. Every person brings something into society. Maybe….just maybe our society LIKES what gay people bring to the table?

No, your disdain regarding gay people is NOT a legitimate complaint. A legitimate complaint would be that if while eating dinner in a restaurant, your food came to you half cooked.

Complaining about gay people is bigotry.

You know how you can tell? Substitute the word gay for another word – like Jews or blacks…..Can you see it now?



Its a shame that there really isnt anything to do down in Eldersburg.

Shortly after I moved to Eldersburg (and saw the XFiles 2 movie) the Flagship Cinema movie theater behind the KMart closed due to various concerns. (http://www.eldersburg.net/news/business/290-carrolltowne-movie-theater-closes-not-set-to-re-open)

The closest theater is in Westminster (inside the mall). Or, if youre able to travel, you could go to Columbia or Owings Mills.

Then, we heard that the bowling alley down at Liberty Rd and Rt 32 closed. (http://eldersburg.patch.com/articles/cross-roads-bowling-center-closed-up-for-sale)

Granted, I dont bowl (and yea, Im from Dundalk-so much for stereotypes, huh?) but I dont even believe that there is another bowling alley in Carroll County. And because I dont bowl, I dont even know where the next closest alley would be. So, if you enjoyed that past time, so much for your enjoyment.

Last night, I heard that the Buffalo Wings and Beer in Eldersburg was closing February 6th. (http://votenomalley.blogspot.com/2012/01/closing-in-eldersburg-buffalo-wings.html)

Other than Bellisimos on Liberty and Klee Mill, I dont even know where theres another place with pool tables. And Bellisimos only has one pool table and an air hockey table. So I guess its down to Ellicott City to the VIP if we wanna go out and shoot some pool.

I understand the economy is bad. Really, I do. But without anything of entertainment in Eldersburg, what would a teenager do in Eldersburg? I guess hanging out in half vacant shopping center parking lots would be the alternative.


There are several problems that I can see occurring in Eldersburg. We have the half vacated shopping center where KMart is. When I first moved to Eldersburg, I heard all the stories regarding Black Oak and that assorted mess.

We have some Main Street Project behind the Walmart, that I STILL dont see anything built.

We have this Liberty Exchange project that still doesnt seem to have anything happening in despite articles in local papers saying otherwise. (http://eldersburg.patch.com/articles/liberty-exchange-business-community-signs-first-tenant)

And Peebles is closed (http://eldersburg.patch.com/articles/eldersburg-peebles-to-close-its-doors-in-january)

And not that Im against Starbucks or anything, but the K Bank is going to become one. (and there is a Starbucks inside Safeway) (http://eldersburg.patch.com/articles/starbucks-to-replace-k-bank)

Are our teenagers supposed to just hang out there? Some alternative huh?

I guess everyone can hang at the gas stations that are rumoured to be built. I have to wonder where the planners get their ideas from. Just how many gas stations does Eldersburg need?


Im guessing that teens and the parents of teens that dont drive yet, will be forced to take their money into other areas in order to be entertained. This is bad news for Eldersburg.

No matter which way you to attempt to spin it, having residents travel out of the area to spend their money will kill the area. When and if another business opens in the area, people will already have been used to going out of the area, and more than likely wont give new establishments a chance.

Someone, please tell me just how Eldersburg can survive?

Someone, please tell us what our kids (as well as adults) are supposed to do for entertainment?

I woke up with this song in my head. I know theres a reason for everything. (Sorry for the ‘cheat’ of a post – but my mind and heart feel a little down today)

The world is neither fair nor unfair
The idea is just a way for us to understand
But the world is neither fair nor unfair
So one survives
The others die
And you always want a reason why

But the world is neither just nor unjust
It’s just us trying to feel that there’s some sense in it
No, the world is neither just nor unjust
And though going young
So much undone
Is a tragedy for everyone

It doesn’t speak a plan or any secret thing
No unseen sign or untold truth in anything…
But living on in others, in memories and dreams
Is not enough
You want everything
Another world where the sun always shines
And the birds always sing
Always sing…

The world is neither fair nor unfair
The idea is just a way for us to understand
No the world is neither fair nor unfair
So some survive
And others die
And you always want a reason why

But the world is neither just nor unjust
It’s just us trying to feel that there’s some sense in it
No, the world is neither just nor unjust
And though going young
So much undone
Is a tragedy for everyone

It doesn’t mean there has to be a way of things
No special sense that hidden hands are pulling strings
But living on in others, in memories and dreams
Is not enough
And it never is
You always want so much more than this…

An endless sense of soul and an eternity of love
A sweet mother down below and a just father above
For living on in others, in memories and dreams
Is not enough
You want everything
Another world
Where the birds always sing
Another world
Where the sun always shines
Another world
Where nothing ever dies…

Why does PETA act like such idiots?

They are ‘enraged’ that a video game character gains special abilities from a tanooki suit. A suit that made its first appearance (to my knowledge) on November 21, 1990 in the game Super Mario World.

Not that I dont find what theyre saying as absolutely ludicrous…..but where was their outrage then?

Where was their outrage when Mario Brothers was released on June 1, 1983? I mean, Mario started jumping on turtles then….Where was their outrage when Mario put on a frog suit so he could swim?

PETA needs to get a grip. A video game character cannot be pro-fur. You know why? Because its a game!

Heres the article:  http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/249812/20111115/mario-enrages-peta-raccoon-tanooki-suit-tanuki.htm

I have four thoughts regarding Pastor Joe Nelms and his ‘controversial’ prayer this past Sunday….but first – watch the video (if you havent already seen it)

Lets get my first thought out of the way. I know that most of the comments are completely from those who have NEVER seen a Nascar race. Do you want to know why? They are up in arms about the public prayer thing…..Dont get me wrong, I completely understand the whole separation of church and state thing, but why are you just now getting upset? As long as I can remember (and Im currently 40 years old and Ive watched ALOT of races) there has ALWAYS been a televised prayer before the National Anthem prior to any Nascar sanctioned race. ALWAYS. So, your argument is moot. Unless you can prove to me that youve been fighting this since Nascar began…..there is no argument to be made.

Secondly, Pastor Nelms prayer is NOT disrespectful. He didnt say this prayer in church. He said it at a racetrack. Again, those who are pointing out his call-outs to sponsors, manufacturers and other various race related things, it is blatantly obvious you know NOTHING about racing. Without sponsors, there would be no racing, which is why the first thing drivers do when they win, is call out every sponsor they have – as well as their manufacturer.

Thirdly, his ‘in the name of Jesus-boogity, boogity, boogity-amen is NOT disrespectful either. You see, when the green flag drops and racing begins, Darrell Waltrip says this. It is a way to say….woohoo its on! Its basically the equivalent of shouting ‘hallelujah’ in church.

Lastly, Ive seen alot of comments regarding his ‘for my smoking hot wife’ quote. Quite honestly, its refreshing that this man loves his wife this much. And in case you were wondering, his wife aint no supermodel. Below is a picture of them together.

And before I close out this blog post, Im disappointed in those who have judged this Pastor, as well as Nascar and their fans based on an Invocation that they didnt even realize occurred in the first place. As Ive mentioned to many of my friends and acquaintances this past week, Nascar is the ONLY sport to televise their Invocations WITHOUT the big mouth announcers talking over them.

I stumbled upon this interview this afternoon. It is titled “Jesse Ventura abused by TSA will no longer fly”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVKmMD-_QuA&feature=youtu.be

Now, with all the stories that have been brought to light regarding the TSA, I thought I was in for a doozy of an interview. Oh, how wrong was I?

Well, first of all…..Jesse was not abused by the TSA. He explains his hip replacement surgery (re-surfacing) and why he sets off metal detectors. He goes on to state (in his own words) that it is his PERSONAL CHOICE to not fly any longer.

Honestly, I dont care if Jesse Ventura flies on commercial airlines or not. Hes capable of flying private, so his opinion isnt formulated enough to identify with those who arent former governors, wrestlers, or tv show hosts. Does he really think his statement means anything?

While Alex and Jesse do speak about how the TSA is invading our personal spaces, I feel that I was misled to click on this interview due to its poorly constructed title. I would think that the Alex Jones Channel would do a better job…..guess they just care about the clicks <sigh>


So after all the hype, I finally was able to watch a couple clips of Sarah Palin’s new show on TLC. (Clips here in case youre interested:  http://tlc.discovery.com/videos/sarah-palin-alaska/ )

So…..political pundits, what do you have to say? Nevermind, Im sorry I asked…..

I have no idea how this woman thinks that basically being the head of tourism for the cold state of Alaska (probably not a real position) can be turned into a presidential run in the future. Since when do our politicians turn into Travel Network reporters?

How can ANYONE who is serious about politics be a fan of THIS?

How can any self-respecting woman watch this and STILL take this Palin chick seriously? (yea, there are people who take her seriously)

Unfortunately, the former VP candidate, who claims to ‘leave her family out of it’, appears to be using this exact family to promote herself in this show. She is the EXACT example of hypocrisy! You cannot bring your family to the forefront like this and then expect no one to talk about them.

One last thing…..ya know that line that Tina Fey made famous? Ya know….the one about seeing Russia from her house? I think (dont quote me on it tho) Tina Fey made that line up without Palin actually saying it. Until now. Yep, Palin does say this idiotic line that -(wait for it)- made her a complete joke in the first place!

I know that laughing at yourself can be fun…..but really?

Please America – Spare us from Sarah Palin.

Real conservatives are asking for your help 🙂

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