Since what I have to say definitely takes more than the 140 characters allotted by twitter, I decided to put my thoughts where they belong… neglected blog.

First-let me get this out of the way:  Race fans can never be satisfied. Period.

This post addresses two issues that recently have popped up via social network conversations.

First issue:  Track conditions

A long time ago, when I went to a dirt track, the track was wet, tacky and had one heck of a cushion. (with the exception of day races at the beginning of the season) The past five or so years, this trend has gone by the wayside to a dry, slick, blackened track. Granted, with some of the multiple division shows, this is to be expected…..but quite honestly, the racing itself, while still WAY better than Nascar, has gone downhill.

Case in point….This past week Central PA has hosted the Eastern Swing of USAC. Because I was unable to attend a good portion of the races, I lurked twitter and facebook for updates. While I wasnt shocked to see that our local tracks prepared the tracks as normal, it did amaze me that they ran the track in so much and did not give these guys the cushion most fans came to expect.

I was able to attend the Wednesday night race at Lincoln Speedway in Hanover…..which is my favorite local dirt track. When I arrived at the track at 5:30 the track was in awesome condition. It was actually resembling what Ive seen of Kokomo. (If you havent seen a race there live, go check out youtube. The USAC cars really bounce around that place!) Unfortunately, the track was ran down as usual which made for a really dusty feature.

Passing was at a premium all evening. Most was done on the starts and restarts with a few exceptions and all in all, despite my personal complaints, I enjoyed the evening.

Second issue:  Rain delays / Drivers-Teams leaving before its called

Mother Nature is not a race fan. This year has seen more cancellations and rain outs than Ive seen in awhile. No race fan is pleased. No race track is pleased. No race team is pleased.

This past Saturday night, rain forced many local tracks to cancel. Thankfully for most fans, the one track that will try to get in a race, did so. Granted, it was after two rain delays, but they did run the 410 feature. Unfortunately, the 358 feature and thundercar features were postponed. (Today I found out there was some drama surrounding that, but since I wasnt there – nor in the pits – I will refrain from commenting on that)

From what Ive seen discussed, there were 3 410 teams that left the track after running 7 laps of their feature. All these teams were scheduled to race the next day at Clinton County and by the time they had left, it was close to 1 am.

This is where it gets touchy.

As a fan of at least one of the drivers who left before the race ended, I can attest that you can feel ripped off when this happens. Drivers need to understand that while most of us root for a handful of drivers, if our favorite one leaves, it can make you feel this way. Ive seen some really ugly replies to those who vented online Saturday (coming from a drivers family). No fan should be ‘ripped’ in the way I saw.

I think I can safely say that I understand the sport in a unique way, so I do realize that at 1 am with a feature a few laps in and red flagged, if you must leave to get the car ready and the driver and team rested for the next days events, so be it. Take care of what you have to.

But, my question is: would you have chosen to do this if you were in the top 5 or top 10 in points?


So, now that Ive gotten your attention with that captivating blog title…..I guess I should say, that YES, the BP Oil Spill is really THAT bad. The potential environmental consequences are overwhelmingly catastrophic.

Im sure by now, every media outlet has informed the public about past safety issues with BP….including the explosion that killed their employees in Texas a few years ago. Im also pretty sure that upon researching BP, you will find out that they had -what we call- ‘an in’ with the government…..

But….even with all that evidence that BP is all about the bottom line and not taking care of their employees OR the environment – Im about to give you what I beleive is behind this ‘accident’ and hopefully give you a different outlook on this situation.

I came across this article awhile ago –

This was written in 2005 in response to Hurricane Katrina and asking if there was some way to lesson the severity of hurricanes. It seems that something called ‘cloud seeding’ was done to weaken hurricanes in the past (see previous blogs regarding this subject)  and now other alternatives are being tried in order to weaken these destructive storms. What is so interesting is that this article specifically mentions placing an oil slick on the surface of the ocean in order to cut off the supply of warm water that strengthens hurricanes.

This article also mentions several other ways that they would like to see if hurricanes can be weakened…..but, at this period in time, who really cares about icebergs and detonation of nuclear weapons?? Its not like BP purposely created this hole in the floor of the ocean and spilled all this oil to protect the southern coastline of the US from hurricanes or anything…..

…..or did they?

There is alot of talk online about the recent earthquakes occurring all around the world, as well as strange occurrances of light appearing in the skies over the areas affected. A little while ago, I can across two things: HAARP and Project Blue Beam.

This is the first video I saw referring and explaining Project Blue Beam:

Yea, youre probably thinking the same thing I was when I first saw it….thats just crazy! But then, I did some research and found out that the ideas are not so far fetched. The technology is there.

For those who dont want to view that video or the next two Ive posted, here is Project Blue Beam in a nutshell:

Project Blue Beam is a Psy-Ops operation. It has 4 major steps –

First, it causes a breakdown of archeological knowledge. (is this in conjunction with HAARP?) The breakdown that occurs will cause people to think that religious doctrines have been misunderstood.

Second, there will be holograms projected into our skies (a space ‘show’ of sorts). We know that HAARP can imitate lights in the sky similar to the aurora borealus. There is also some proof that these holograms can project images of UFOs in the atmosphere, which leads me to beleive that those who have seen UFOs have actually seen these projections.

Thirdly, ELF and VLF waves will be sent out that will communicate with the masses telepathically. This imitates a mind that is under attack or something along the lines of a hypnotic suggestion that can influence us. This technology is also here now. And, along with the knowledge that MKUltra is not just a conspiracy, mind control can and has happened.

The fourth event in the Project Blue Beam Project is a little more detailed. It consists of a multiple layered trick that involves spiritual manifestations. The masses are to believe that we are being attacked by aliens that somehow will unite the world. We will also be told of a fake rapture….Im not sure if people who are going to be targeted as opposition will be kidnapped or just tricked into committing suicide, but this event is to get rid of opposition. The third aspect is to penetrate all electronics (dont we all have these devices now?). We will also be led to think ghosts and other apparitions exist in order to push others to the brink…leading them to psychosis. We will then be faced with a new ‘messiah’ who will lead us into a One World Religion.

Part 1

Part 2

And since, I mention HAARP, here is a fantastic blog with information on the weird lights that have been seen over the areas recently hit by earthquakes, as well as other information from other sources.

I am also posting a previous blog post of mine, with a yahoo news article that claims that snow in Beijing was created….and did not happen naturally.

Yes, some of these claims are hard to beleive, but I invite you to read and do your own research before making up your mind.