So, this entire election the GOP has been on the attack about how President Obama hasnt created enough jobs, how unemployment is up…..blah blah blah

Well, the Senate Republicans keep blocking all the jobs bills. (Link: )

As with almost everything political, it doesnt surprise me.

The GOP will stop at nothing to attempt to make the President look bad, when with this, its all on them. This is the NINETEENTH (19th) jobs bill they have blocked.

Even CNN has taken notice (See Link: )

The American people have been consistently let down by those in Washington who potentially have the power to make real changes. But instead, partisan politics rules.

They wont even allow debate on this subject, by their use of a filibuster.

I guess its more important to them to see the American people suffer, and the economy to tank to make them look good.

Im not a ‘fan’ of President Obamas policies for the most part, but lets stop this ridiculousness and make our country better by working across the aisle for the betterment of our country.

And lets put the blame on things that havent improved on the specifics of just exactly WHO is making sure things arent improving for once. And lets give politicians (including those we dont exactly support) the credit.



Im really tired of all the partisan games down in Washington DC. No one knows how to compromise and everyone wants credit. Literally!

The past year, all Ive heard about is raising the debt ceiling, which – in laymans terms means that the government will be able to borrow even MORE money to add to our ever increasing debt.

Quite honestly, this all seems ridiculous considering that it was just a few months ago, they raised the debt ceiling. How many of us can do this when we get ourselves into a financial quandry? No one I know can do this.

Which brings me to how -I- would solve this problem.

Ever heard of Matthew Lesko? If you were ever suffering from insomnia back in the 90s, Im sure youve seen his infomercials. This might jog your memory:

This guy basically showed us how to get ‘free’ federal money…..Sounds good? Right? Well, apparently a simple google search tells me his entire spiel was a scam, but what if ANY of his books did tell us how to get that ‘free’ money?

Lets just say…..for pure conversation sake…..that out of all Leskos books, there were 50 programs that us regular people qualified for. So, you apply and get your federal check (remember, its ‘free’ money). Who inevitably pays for that check? That ‘free’ money gets paid for by United States taxpayers and adds to our debt.

Wanna know how else we add to our debt?

A simple look at the budget (and Im talking line by line) will open your eyes to the waste that occurs in our country. We have, quite literally, several thousand programs that are over a decade old. Some of these programs may only benefit a handful of people. These types of programs typically never end, they just keep going and going, like the Energizer bunny. Why arent programs like these stopped?

How about what our government pays for supplies? Ever seen those websites that lay out how a lightbulb can cost the government hundreds of dollars? If anyone could ‘buy in bulk’ its the government.

How about some of those ridiculous studies? Im not talking about true studies that actually benefit science here. Im talking about the millions of dollars that have been spent on researching the most glaringly obvious idiocy-like these examples:

Why is our government NOT stopping THIS? Granted, I understand that cutting some of these wont put a dent into the trillions of dollars we are struggling with, but isnt it a start?

Lets stop lobbying in general. Lobbyists get paid to stroke our elected officials egos in order to get their pet projects okayed. Not only is it a waste of our money, it does nothing for good legislation. Basically, let your projects and legislative ideas speak for themselves – if they cant do that, what good are they?

Lets stop this picking on our senior citizens and our military all the time everytime theres money problems in Washington. If anyone deserves to be paid, its those two groups. Our elected officials should do without THEIR pay to show a real sacrifice.

Quite honestly, our country needs to learn how to live within our means. Stop taxing the middle and lower class to death. You cant fix the economy if all those who would be spending money have to do without the necessary cash in  their pockets because of higher taxes now…..can you?

***stepping off my soapbox***










I dont care what ANY bill states, my child will NOT receive a flu vaccination.

I urge you to read the article linked within the title to this blog before reading…

Even without the United States Congress passing the Physician Payments Sunshine Act into law as of yet, Eli Lilly is becoming voluntarily transparent. Of course, Eli Lilly worked with Congress supporting this forthcoming non-partisan legislation.

Now, we have all been in our doctor’s offices…signed in with their Prilosec (sp) pen, had to look at the Lovitra clock to see what time it was…and it goes on and on. A look around any doctor’s office would make you think that doctors prefer medical related office and decorating items. It almost makes one wonder if they have never heard of Staples or Office Depot.

It should be no secret that many pharmaceutical companies pay doctors to prescribe medications. If you have arthritis, chances are you will be prescribed the medication from whichever company made the best promises. In other words, you will be prescribed a medication based on a kickback.

I don’t know about any of you-
but I would rather have a medication I have never heard of -that works
than one that’s been on commercials that may or may not.