Yesterday I posted the Anderson Cooper/Andrew Wakefield interview in which Wakefield calls this journalist a ‘hit man’.

Today I give you CNNs Kiran Chetry interviewing Brian Deer, the investigative journalist who exposed Wakefields fraud.

See transcript and video here – ( )

I believe the interview says it all.


Let me be clear right now that my children are fully vaccinated. I did have alternates given when necessary. (Example: I had an active lupus flare when my son was supposed to get his polio vaccine. Because of the risks of exposure to the disease [thru changing his diaper] he was given a polio vaccine thru a shot rather than drops) There are other examples I could give you, but I hope you get the point that I DO understand how vaccinations work and I do understand their importance.

Let me also be clear that I am honestly skeptical of the safety of some of the ingredients in vaccines. I am aware that mercury was removed about a decade ago but there other additives that we need to have knowledge about.

If you have read some of my previous posts, you know that I have been very much aware of the autism/MMR study. And while I do love a well written conspiracy theory, I would have never thought a researcher would basically construct one of his own.

You see, this Wakefield-liar, took some kids and lied about their medical history. This ‘research’ was published and millions of people began to think that immunizing their children would expose their children to ‘getting’ autism.

Im not going to lie and say that there arent coincidences in some of the real children Ive known who are on the spectrum, but in light of the recent news that Wakefield conducted ‘an elaborate fraud’, I have to say, given what we know-there is no link between MMR and autism.

Be sure to watch the video interviewing Wakefield:

I dont care what ANY bill states, my child will NOT receive a flu vaccination.

Even if you are pro-vaccine, it is eye opening to see what mercury/thimerosol does to children…Why wont the manufacturer’s take this additive out?

Part one

Part 2

I see stories everyday of another child that has been affected by vaccinations. And, yea, you can continue to ignore them forever if you choose to. But when you personally have friends who have children that were affected by the MMR shot or the seasonal flu shot… cannot ignore any longer.

Some people beleive Im totally anti-vaccine but I admire Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey for attempting to “green” the vaccines. There is no reason to continue to place poisons such as mercury in the vaccines.

Watch this video, subscribe to this youtube channel…and most of all….support Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey by spreading the word about what vaccinations CAN do to our children if they continue to use mercury or thermerasol.

Important and Valuable Interview. You may discuss below if you like