Yep….its true. It seems as if many Alex Jones fans (or possibly just those in Jones’ circle) spammed google with search terms “Obama Deception Censored” pretty much consistently in order to produce a high rank of the term on the search engines site.

Read this:

In case you need a shorter recap, Jones announced Friday that he wanted to move the ranking of his film to number one (remember, hes got a HUGE ego) and then went absolutely ballistic when google removed the film (as well as another of Jones’ films). This obviously incensed him and his followers.

The film did not disappear off the internet….just a copy of it on youtube that wasnt split into a dozen clips, mind you. It is also interesting to note that google/youtube didnt remove copies from Alex Jones OWN youtube channel. Alex Jones also has his OWN website where you can watch and even burn copies of both films in question.

Yesterday, I watched Alex’s Sunday show….well, I wouldnt exactly call it a show…..Id call it a full out temper tantrum.

So, today I find out that google completely caved…..They restored the films AND the view count. I can understand that google doesnt want bad publicity, but honestly???

Any parent can tell you what will happen to the child who gets their way when they throw a tempter tantrum….

I just cant wait to hear what Alex has to say –uh, scream, about this one! (yea, that WAS sarcasm)


Free speech is beginning to be a thing of the past…

We are being censored around the world RIGHT now!

If someone classifies your website as undesirable, your site can be blocked. If you think this cannot happen here, think again!

Watch the video below and look at the websites I have placed below for more information….I have also listed the website I found this on in this blog title. Just click on it and see much more on this topic.

Drivers licenses for the internet:

Bloggers for hire by the government:

Thousands of people in China who petition the courts are sentenced to psychiatric hospitals. They are kept behind bars and subjected to torture.

It is scary to think that China owns so much of our debt and this *could* occur here. The United States is on its way to this…why do you think they ostracize protesters?

So, the government can ask your internet service provider to spy on your internet habits?

Watch out! If they are stating that they want conspiracy fans out of society, just know that your ISP can tattle even if you peek at the genre.
(See reference: )

But….its okay….its for your safety….yea right

It amazes me that politicians are stating that FoxNews should be banned. The current administration is attempting to demonize the network.

No matter what your view on any network is….it seems odd that you should exclude them from a press conference of any type. Imagine if former President Bush attempted to do this with CNN or MSNBC. I wasnt a “fan” of Bush, but I can say that he did speak with all the networks. Why is it that this administration refuses to do so?

This type of behavior should not be tolerated and I am glad that the other networks stood their ground. Im sure they realize that once you make the precedent of banning one organization, you leave yourself open to be banned as well.