Ive been there. Yea, on the side of the 9/11 truth deniers. Maybe I should explain…..

I originally was introduced to what is now-the truth movement back in 2001 by one of my more serious conspiracy theory friends. (a big sci-fi/ufo junkie) I had already been somewhat interested in the genre because of similar issues. I was what you could call, a fan of William Coopers. I never really took his alien claims all that serious, but he had a wealth of other information we fans of conspiracy theory love. Ive also watched a few of David Ickes films, which while 70% is ‘mainstream’ conspiracy, the other 30% is filled with reptilian alien-shape shifting insanity.

Ya know its funny what you can remember….Have you ever had a grandparent tell you that what you were learning in Social Studies/History class, was wrong? At the time, you figure – eh? maybe my grandfather is forgetting it wrong because thats not whats in my textbook….right? Somehow, this simple generality -and yes, it is a generality- can change the way you look at historic events. It can help you see news headlines and articles differently. It can even help you see trends in what the news covers world-wide.

Anyway……..back to 9/11 truth. I began by looking online at the claims the truthers presented….and found that not all of them were illogical questions. And, you know what else? Their questions have no answers. Their questions wont even be debated by the main stream media. Just why is that?

Why cant we have a civil discussion on our main stream media?

Why is history being changed in front of our eyes? Doesnt anyone remember things that our media told us and how they have attempted to change what was said?

I invite you to watch the video below. And even if you do beleive the 9/11 Commission Report (despite Chairs saying it was set up to fail) at least see what the debate is about.

Russia Today’s CrossTalk. (25 minutes long)



Who isnt a terrorist these days? Republicans, Democrats, Tea Partiers, Conspiracy theorists…..what next? Christians? Im tired of everyone using the word terrorist to describe people they dont agree with or even ideologies they dont understand. Im tired of being classified along with two people who dont have any value on life and obviously have serious mental issues.

And no matter which network I look at, the message seems clear….Conspiracy theorists are bad. Meanwhile, they use their slick tricks and slanted interviews that dont allow any clarification or are edited heavily.


In this first clip (3 1/2 min), CNN basically states that anyone who has anything to do with a conspiracy theory is a ‘hatriot’  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ixAj5D7YXE

Let me just tell you a few TRUTHS here. First of all, the conspiracy movement did not just start when President Obama became our President. It was around way before that. And to conduct this segment with a banner that says ‘Suicide Warrior’ is just plain wrong. Allowing the misrepresentation of ANY of the conspiracy groups in this manner told me that you just want to point fingers than to do a story about someone who was just plain mentally unstable.


I find it almost funny that Anderson Cooper and John Avlon apparently havent spoken to anyone (like myself) who can present her views clearly and precisely.

It is also odd that EVERYONE in the media wants to slant what the entire 9/11 movement is about….when clearly there are different variances. I consider myself a truther because I have questions about Building 7 and there are no answers and I have questions about why the Commission members now state that they werent given adequate access to investigate thoroughly (as well as other claims). And yes, I have looked at some of the other theories out there, but none of it makes me want to take some sort of ‘revenge’ or ‘coup’ on my government. I just would like some answers.

So, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) sent out this report stating conspiracy theorists are terrorists? And now we have two events where we are being told that the two men were involved in different movements? Sounds like a false flag to me….and Im not even gonna go into the ‘oddities’ surrounding those events.

Over the weekend, Geraldo had Alex Jones as a guest….and surprisingly it wasnt a train wreck. Clearly, the woman who attempted to slam Alex down was not in possession of many facts. She was ‘put in her place’ by Geraldo who explained to her that what Alex said is true. (Golf of Tonkon) This womans attempted attack was another clear cut not willingness to listen and it made her look foolish.

Heres the clip of that:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-XjX00UHkk

Heres a suggestion to the main stream media….How about you conduct interviews fairly for once? If your viewing audience can tell what the interviewers opinion is, youre clearly doing it wrong.

This film shows you what can be done on live tv with some graphics experience. For those who are not friends of the truth movement, you may find yourself surprised by what you learn.

Watch this and tell me what YOU think hit the Pentagon!

We are change LA – Martin Sheen supports his son, Charlie Sheen, on his stance on 9/11