Genetically Modified Foods

Two things to look at today….First I have attached a link that is accessible from the blog title. This link will take you to the Huffington Post, which is a liberal leaning blog. The second is the video that is embedded below.

I wanted to give the link to the Huff Post because many people beleive that I do not get my information from “both sides of the aisle” so to speak. These same people beleive that its all conspiracy theory to me….which its not.

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I am against genetically modified foods….for MANY various reasons. Monsanto tends to be a bully, which doesnt help them in my eyes.

Anyways, one of the most prestigious organizations has found that Monsantos GMO corn (3 varieties) contain poison and can lead to organ failure….namely concentrated to the kidneys and liver. This is huge news especially since Monsanto has the means to hush any reports of this type. It looks at if Monsanto is attempting to redirect the focus away from what has been proven, stating that it is due to faulty research methods. Seriously Monsanto….get a grip and stop killing us slowly!

If you grow a plant that also contains insecticides, what did you think would happen? Roundup ready? Puhleeze!


It started when Alex purchased a pizza and looked at the package of hot peppers….He noticed that it specified that they were “irradiated”

From this to adding viruses to your food in the name of safety….
From genetically modifying the animals and food to combining horrifying combinations of food to feed to the animals that will become your food…
From adding flouride to lithium to your water supply….

Remnants of “Brave New World” by A Huxley stand as fact instead of fiction.

Most free-thinking adults eat a decent enough diet. We attempt to add as much nutritional value as we can under the circumstances.

But, we seriously question those with eating disorders because of their outlook on themselves or their outlook on their food….it is times like this when we look at the facts as presented and wonder…should we all just become anorexic?

The threats faced because of what is contained (and we arent aware of) in our food make it seem like they are killing us off slowly…..but seriously, what is someone to do when our very life source is threatened?

Most of my friends will think what they always do…they are sheep and cannot even begin to think that the very substances they were rasised to think were good for us, are in actuality, poisons.

For whatever its worth….watch and listen and make up your own mind…that is, unless you have been force fed chemicals which cloud your thoughts….

Part 2

I found this video last March and posted it on my facebook. It got alot of comments and there was alot of eyes opened because of this clip.

If after viewing this clip, your eyes are opened, I suggest that you go to the futureoffood youtube page. Much more is posted there.