I know its been awhile since Ive blogged….its been very rough.

Right before Christmas I became ill. It was just a cold. Unfortunately for those of us with lupus and fibromyalgia simple colds can turn into a multitude of issues. And that is what occurred.

Some of you may know the other health issues I face along with the SLE and FM. If you arent aware, I also have been diagnosed with COPD and IgaN. Both of those are serious enough issues by themselves  but coupled with the auto immune factor….well, lets just say Im on a very tight leash with my team of physicians. There are other health issues that havent had an official diagnoses yet, so as of now just the symptoms are the issue.

My doctors have told me that I will probably never work again.

What does this mean?

Well, other than the fact that we have no disposable income whatsoever, it also means that we cant pay our bills on a single salary.

So, we are doing a significant downsize here.

Our house will be either sold or short saled. My vehicle is gone because Im not allowed to drive any longer. And we move to a much smaller and affordable place with ONE floor because climbing up and down stairs is not helping me with mobility.

And while this does help in the long run, we face the hurdle of relocating on no money. And that is why I am asking for help.

Many of my friends have told me to attempt to ask for help online. I have started that process and have asked some of my friends to help. (For those that have helped, I truly thank you)

However, in the midst of this, Ive been made aware of some insane stories about people raising money online. One of which is some bloggers on what people refer to as FTB. There are 3 bloggers raising funds now. One had a hysterectomy and in the process bought designer shoes and blogged about it. The other had their laptop break and are raising money to purchase another. From what Ive seen of what theyve done, theyve been successful. Ive heard that another FTB blogger is actually homeless (Im not that desperate……yet) but it seems like her plight isnt being taken seriously enough. Those things make me mad. The REAL person needing help there isnt getting it.

Theres another blogger (a foodie, if Im not mistaken) who raised over $170,000 so she can travel to kitchens and blog. (Her online name is Harto) Im not sure what type of people donate money to a food blogger, or even the types of people that think that is a worthy cause, but it seems to me that these reasons are not dire.

Granted, I dont need that kind of money….and Im not asking for that. But it makes me mad to see the types of things people donate to things that literally dont matter. 

But Ive gone a little off topic….

I need help. Financial help.

Ive applied to many human services programs but they refuse to help because I own the house Im moving out of and happen to co-exist with someone who makes more than $1000 a month. I dont even qualify for food stamps.

Ive been referred to a program called Catastrophic Health Planning. That way I can get SOME type of support for the emotional aspect of changing my life with all these new limitations, but that still doesnt help us buy groceries or gas so I can get to doctor appointments.

Which brings me to my plea for help. Im sharing a link to my paypal where you can donate money. Just click on the link and enter my email address (sheilafaulstichATgmailDOTcom) Yes, I spelled that out so I wont get spammed. [LINK: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/send-money-online ]

Any amount will help us get thru this tough time. Thank you in advance.


A great post from a Rabbi regarding Gaza and the violence that seems to never go away

Shalom Rav

Israel’s military assault on Gaza in 2008-09 represented an important turning point in my own relationship with Israel. I recall experiencing a new and previously unfamiliar feeling of anguish as Israel bombarded the people living in that tiny, besieged strip of land over and over, day after day after day. While I certainly felt a sense of tribal loyalty to the Israelis who withstood Qassam rocket fire from Gaza, I felt a newfound sense of concern and solidarity with Gazans who I believed were experiencing nothing short of oppression during this massive military onslaught.

And now it’s happening again. Only this time I don’t think the term “anguish” quite fits my mindset. Now it’s something much closer to rage.

It’s happening again. Once again 1.7 million people, mostly refugees, who have been living in what amounts to the world’s largest open air prison, are being subjected to a massive military…

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My friend Gary did an OUTSTANDING summation regarding Tuesdays election and why the GOP lost.

Why We Blog

Inside: My conservative straw man; Is this your new thing? Welfare?; Ayn Rand all up on the government teat; We’re arguing about the crumbs while the plate is being pulled from under our noses

The Death of American America


I don’t believe in gloating. I kind of feel sorry for these people. I mean, Election Day was stressful (and why the heck isn’t it a national holiday??). Still, those photos and the melodrama of people’s tweets, emails and texts is entertaining.

I’m proud to say that I don’t live in a social bubble. I don’t really have a social circle, per se, but I know and love people of all stripes. I know and respect a lot of Republicans and conservatives. I also know and respect a lot of progressives that are farther than what you think is Left. We agree on more than we realize. You just have…

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This is a very clear and very concise blog.


Four years ago, I left the Republican Party of which I was a lifelong member and became an independent. Not long after, I supported Barack Obama in the 2008 election for president. I made this decision determined to look at the issues not as a Republican or a Democrat, but as an American.

It is through that lens that I consider my choice in the 2012 election. Like many other voters who crossed party lines to vote for Barack Obama in the last election, I have watched the 2012 campaign carefully and listened closely to what the candidates have said. I believe that President Obama should be re-elected.

Very few American presidents have been truly prepared to assume that job. Four years ago, Obama, a relatively inexperienced public servant, became the 44th President of the United States during one of the most difficult times our country has faced. The…

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Consider this an open letter to my adult child –

I gave birth to you almost 22 years ago. I willingly kept you, even tho everyone around me told me to give you up for adoption. Even though I gave up my freedom, I did it all willingly because I loved you. I took you to the hospital MANY times because you had health problems. I took you to counseling because your dad abandoned us.

I listened to you. To how you said you felt.

We listened when you had problems with your boyfriend. We bailed your belongings out when you claimed he was going to throw your stuff out. Even tho we had plans of our own that day.


This year, you scammed me out of over $1ooo with your issues. This year, you took advantage of our love. You trashed my home. You curse at us, yet you had no where else to go…..supposedly.

You married a criminal. A drug addict. A lazy good for nothing who wont pull his own weight. You tried to bring this idocy into MY home.

When we spoke to you on several occasions, you said things would change. We put out money we didnt have to ensure you would eat. We put you in space we didnt have.

But that wasnt good enough for you. Nothing weve done has ever been good enough for you.

So, when you didnt get you way, you wigged out. Like always. You always scream and curse when you dont get your way. I dont even know why I thought you would change and act like an adult. You curse and called your brother names when he works his tail off for us.

You have ZERO compassion for others.

You expect people to bend over backwards when you dont pull your own weight. And you think that even tho Im your mother, Im going to give up what Ive worked for 40 years to acquire?

And then today- you trash talk me all over the internet?

I guess you forgot that right after I had your brother I almost died from complications of lupus. I guess you forgot that you lived with your grandmother for almost 6 weeks because your father couldnt deal with just how sick I was? I guess you forgot about how even you memorized how much medication I was taking? Yea, lupus isnt real. Riiiight.

And Im lazy? All I did for, well, your entire life, was clean up after YOU. And for the 2 weeks you lived in this house…..you couldnt even rinse out your coke cans. You couldnt even wash an entire dish. And you couldnt even straighten up the bathroom after you used it. But IM the lazy one?

Ha. Im a hypochondriac? How many times have I gotten calls or text messages that you thought you had lupus, arthritis, were having miscarriages? How many times did you take your husband to the ER for some fake kidney issues just so he could scam them for drugs?

And my personal favorite…..you now want me dead? I loved that one so much that I actually did a screen shot of that one. Its so nice to know that I gave up everything to have such an ungrateful daughter. You can rejoice now. Ive washed my hands of you, your unnecessary drama, and your constant need for attention. Go find someone else to whine to and someone else to attempt to rip off financially.

You think your husband burned too many bridges? Well guess what? Youve burned every bridge that USED to support you and your decisions – and while I will always love you…..the person youve become this year has only disappointed us. Just remember that the next time you need something or someone, because this bridge is closed.

Just spend 15 minutes watching this…Do the research. He speaks the truth.

Just a little mini-rant here.

Why is it that so many people want to beleive that one party is better than the other? Honestly, there is no difference….

Lets take a few examples:

Former Pres. Bush implemented the Patriot Act. Many were flabbergasted at this violation of privacy. When now Pres. Obama was Senator, he was against this….now, he has continued the Patriot Act….hmmm

Former Pres. Bush was accused of putting our soldiers in harms way for two “illegal” wars in the Middle East. And….Our current Pres. has continued them.

Can someone tell me what exactly is the difference here?

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