In case youve been living under a rock the past couple weeks, youve no doubt heard about Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke.

In case you havent, heres the jist….Sandra Fluke testified that women need contraceptives (and not just for birth control purposes either). Rush Limbaugh went on a 3 day tirade of calling her a slut and prostitute……as well as being extremely mis-educated about who in fact IS paying for these services/medications AND being mis-educated about how birth controls pills actually work.

After a social media boycott several companies pulled their ads from his program and two stations pulled his show entirely.

There is no doubt that people do not understand the debate regarding womens health and the inclusion of reproductive services and medications. If women controlled this conversation rather than men, most of the mis-information would not occur so often. Anytime this conversation occurs on social media, its videos and articles written from a male perspective.

Why are we allowing the men to control this conversation?

I commend Sandra Fluke for speaking out on behalf of women, as well as specifically mentioning the medical reasons for the necessity of these medications.

And, as much as it surprises me that anyone would call this woman these names, I am not surprised.

Let me tell you about many conversations Ive had regarding the utilization of birth control pills to regulate cycles or the use of birth control pills to prevents cysts or endometriosis (both of which were reasons I used them) with hard-line Catholics.

During the time that the Obama administration announced the mandate on reproductive services, many discussions followed (both on my on page, as well as on others pages). The Catholics I spoke to usually said, ‘if there is a true medical reason for using these medications, you can speak to a priest and get -permission-‘

Yea, thats all fine and dandy. Let me talk to a priest (a male) with ZERO medical training about my female issues. But even if you were to seriously talk to a priest and get his -permission- what about the cost? If you work at a Catholic church, this insurance plan still wouldnt cover this medication.

Sure, you could tell that person to look for a job elsewhere…..but why should that woman suffer with the pain that occurs from this medical condition when her insurance should provide this medication?

The taxpayer doesnt pay for this womans insurance policy. All of those who have the same insurance company pay.

The lame outrage about taxpayers being stuck with the bill just doesnt ring true in this argument. Educate yourself about how insurance works.

Also……if you are a taxpayer claiming outrage in this argument, where are you in your outrage about where else your taxpayer money goes? Hey religious people-do you realize you pay for wars with that money? Isnt that way higher on your moral scale than women and their health rights?

I am literally sick over this stupidity.

Using birth control doesnt make you a slut. Using birth control doesnt make you a prostitute. Im sure those in a monogamous long term relationship or married couples using birth control can attest to that.

And ya know whats crazy? It isnt just Rush Limbaugh spewing this nonsense.

Besides that yahoo Rick Santorum, who quite honestly looks more idiotic the more he speaks, I heard from two of my (again) hard-line Catholic friends on facebook. Both of whom claim that women who use birth control are ‘loose’. Even after attempting to set them straight, they still maintain this line of thinking.

If I thought birth control pills made one loose, I would have never drove my then 16 year old daughter to a clinic to get em.

I am personally FOR the use of birth control. For any of the reasons given. Preventing unplanned pregnancies included.

That does not make me

  • a slut.
  • Or a prostitute.
  • Or even loose.

That equally does not make me

  • a liberal.
  • A feminazi.
  • Or a baby killer.

Considering just how many women use birth control in our country, I wonder why these men even feel comfortable using these words.


This is my third post regarding the birth control mandate – See &

Yesterday President Obama announced his compromise regarding the birth control mandate and the Catholic Bishops apparent tizzy fit.

This compromise is wonderful for the many women who use birth control, whether it be for the use of family planning, or for the use of treating many medical conditions.

Even, Sister Carol Keehan from the Catholic Health Association is pleased with this compromise stating – ‘The Catholic Health Association is very pleased with the White House announcement that a resolution has been reached that protects the religious liberty and conscience rights of Catholic institutions. The framework developed has responded to the issues we identified that needed to be fixed.’

Read the full statement here:  (

However, the Catholic Bishops are still throwing rocks, going as far as denouncing this compromise. (

The above linked article goes on to say that Rep Jim Jordan insists that this compromise still violates the First Amendment – Quote:

“This ObamaCare rule still tramples on Americans’ First Amendment right to freedom of religion,” Jordan said in a written statement. “It’s a fig leaf, not a compromise. Whether they are affiliated with a church or not, employers will still be forced to pay an insurance company for coverage that includes abortion-inducing drugs.”

NEWSFLASH: I have to say that MOST insurance companies provide contraception services. So, unless theres some company out there specializing in health care that agrees with the Catholic faith, you pay an insurance company that covers these services.

I read an article on Mother Jones, which some of you may believe is a liberal website, but what is in this article seems to really be true: (

Let me reiterate that it is discrimination to suggest that Catholic churches only have Catholic employees. However, even Catholic women use birth control. (I mentioned those statistics in an earlier blog thats linked above.) The Catholic church has been attempting to control what their female members do with their bodies since, well…..Theyve been losing this battle since the 60s when birth control became available. And they are STILL losing this fight within their own houses of worship.

Southern Beale says it best within this blog post: Warning: graphic language (

Catholic institutions like hospitals employ people of all faiths. These employers need to abide by the same rules as everyone else. No one is forcing Catholic employees to use the contraceptive benefit in their insurance plans. What the Catholic bishops are trying to do is get the federal government to enforce the church’s anti-contraception doctrine because they have failed to do so on their own. This isn’t an “assault on religious liberty,” it’s the exact opposite: it’s getting the government to enforce a church rule that no one has followed in decades.’


I have to admit that the past week has been eye opening. I say this because I never realized that the GOP was so anti birth control.

I admit that the GOP has had an anti-abortion stance. But against birth control?

First, you would think that the party of the no entitlements would be pro birth control. Its way less expensive to provide birth control to the less fortunate, than to actually pay for their maternity costs plus the costs of raising a child.

However, most republicans dont see it this way at all.

Some politicians have came right out and said they were against birth control. See Rick Santorum is coming for your birth control: (

Others have relied on the personhood argument to maintain this anti birth control stance.

The personhood argument is explained in many ways. The anti birth control argument regarding personhood is as follows (and can be found on wikipedia here: (

Quote: A political movement in the United States seeks to define the beginning of human personhood as starting from the moment of fertilization, with the consequence that abortion, as well as forms of birth control that prevent implantation of the embryo, could become illegal.[19][20] Supporters of the movement also state that it would have effects on the practice of in-vitro fertilization.

Here are some examples of our GOP Presidential candidates in action regarding this personhood/anti birth control stance:

Newt Gingrich:

Mitt Romney:

Rick Santorum:

Ron Paul:

So there you have it. All four GOP Presidential candidates want to take birth control away. Make it illegal.

So if you are prone to voting republican, and a woman…..make sure you know what you are in for.

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the health care mandate regarding womens health care and the Catholic church. (

I called this a WIN for the Obama administration as well as for the White House. And I still support this mandate.

And then last night, I was online and read this article (

So now the administration may cave to the Bishops? I fail to see how providing womens health services disrespects the faithful.

If anything, what I read this morning is disrespectful.

Local Cardinal-designate, Edwin OBrien flat out said that the local Archdiocese wont comply, even if they have to drop health insurance for employees. ( Thats 3500 employees that will be without health insurance.

As one of my facebook friends put it: ‘Catholic Church, Way to share the love by threatening to take away health insurance from your employees. Very Christ-like’.

It appears that at least this diocese is throwing a tantrum. Rather than provide women with these services, they would rather cut off 3500 people from health care altogether. Ya know, cuz that will certainly help out somehow.

There is already an exemption for Roman Catholic churches who employ Roman Catholics. Buuuutttt……

Did you know that polls show that 58% of Catholics support the mandate? And if you only count Catholic women, that percentage raises up to 62%. ( And depending on the poll you read, the percentage of Catholics who use birth control ranges from anywhere from 77%-95%.

So why the outrage?

It appears that the Catholic church is still trying to control women and what they do with their bodies and their health care. And while this is nothing new, you would think by now that an organization ran by men would learn to back off. It is obvious just by looking at the percentages and speaking with other Catholic women that they are failing miserably in this attempt.

Is the church afraid that their Catholic employees will use birth control? Or are they afraid that they already do use it and will just use this mandate to get it thru their employee health plans?


If you look at the comments on my prior blog post on this topic, someone (presumably a man by his avatar) posted that 54% of Catholics voted for Obama in 2008, and now they are angry with him for this action. I find this laughable. Yes, laughable.

If you are a Catholic and voted for Obama in 08, then you werent exactly voting your conscience to begin with….so why be mad now? He was pro-choice when he was a Senator. Why the sudden disapproval?

It seems to me that you got what you asked for. Dont get mad at Obama when you knew all along that his politics didnt agree with yours.

Hissy fits seem to be the norm in this argument. There are calls to close Catholic hospitals and other assorted Catholic charities over this. How does this help ANYONE?


The best quote Ive seen is this: Eating pork is legal. Does that threaten the religious “rights” of Orthodox Jews?