Today is eve prior to the March for Life Rally held every year down in Washington DC. Thousands will march around the mall and to the Supreme Court building to protest the landmark Roe V Wade decision made 39 years ago.

I didnt plan on blogging about this topic. And most people know how I feel about the topic of abortion. However, there are some people who are pro-life in every sense of the word who are up in arms regarding a recent White House health care decision.

I point to this article for clarification:

The most important sentence in this article is this and I quote: ‘The rule upholds a requirement for nearly all employers to offer birth control without a co-pay. What’s more, the White House won’t expand exemptions for faith-based hospitals and universities, as religious groups had urged.’

As well as this video: 

This is a HUGE win for women in the US, as well as the White House.

But you say, what does this have to do with the pro-life movement? Well, a large majority of this movement do not condone the use of birth control. One of my friends shared this article this morning:

Im sorry, but no. You are not learning how to violate your consciences. You will learn that the majority of women need preventative health care and if  you insure your workers, you must provide ALL the necessary healthcare to them. You cannot continue to pick and choose thru and cross out the parts of what you dont like.

The hypocrisy of this situation is that none of the same people freaking out about this, freaked out when men were able to get that little blue pill.  Why the double standard? I dont know.

All I DO know is that women, no matter where they stand will remember that it took THIS administration to do what no other has done. And thats to make womens reproductive rights MANDATORY for every company that gives their employees health care.