Bill OReilly really shouldnt talk to atheists, because every time he does, he looks like an idiot.

The last time he did this, (Feb 2011) it was in reference to the tides, saying ‘you cant explain that’

This ridiculousness happens at 1:50 into the clip.

And, Im by no means any type of science scholar, but a quick visit to wiki can give you this: tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth.


But, Ive veered off the topic I wanted to cover in this post…..

Once again, Bill OReilly brings David Silverman in for an interview – this time, calling atheists fascists for fighting the separation between church and state. (11-2-12)

You see, Bill OReilly and many other conservative people want you to believe that there is a war on Christmas.

The simple fact is that they are attempting to have public facilities not endorse ANY religion over another. You dont see this man arguing about whether a church or someones personal property can have certain Christmas displays, just equal time for ALL (or none) on public property.

And, while we are on the subject of the wrong-ness of Bill OReilly, lets just inform him that Christianity IS a religion, NOT a philosophy.

Being a Methodist, Catholic, Baptist or whatever are DENOMINATIONS of the Christian faith.

But, watch the video for yourself:

Oh, and before I forget, the ‘Christmas’ tree adorned in silver and gold, as well as several other traditions Christians use to celebrate, are not in fact Christian in nature. They are pagan. (Some Christian churches have openly refused to put up Christmas decorations due to this fact)

See Jer 10:2-4: “Do not learn the ways of the nations . . . For the customs of the peoples are worthless; they cut a tree out of the forest, and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel. 4 They adorn it with silver and gold; they fasten it with hammer and nails so it will not totter.”

(Please refer to the section on decorations: Christmas & Did Christians Steal Christmas?)


And that, is where the line is drawn.


I invite you to look at the picture I uploaded that contains this letter and the response from Father John Dietzen in the most recent Question Corner in the Catholic Review – The Catholic Review has not placed this issue online yet

The basic question asked was: Should I attend my daughter and her familys baptism into a non-denominational congregation since Im Catholic?

I am absolutely flabbergasted that ANY parent would be against their children and grandchildren being received into another Christ-believing church. Just what exactly are you prooving by not going? I know! Youre prooving how inconsiderate and uncaring you are as a parent!

Lets just read your excuses for not being there for your family…..just because you are Catholic and they choose not to be ~ and then sum it all up by saying this is ‘heartbreaking’ ~ Get a grip on the definition of the word!

A heartbreak would be a disease that has no cure; a heartbreak would be one of your family members being involved in a horrible accident; a heartbreak would be that your children/grandchildren would have no interest in religion – period!

So lets re-evaluate what you are really saying lady! My interpretation on your letter to the priest is that you want your family to think in the same manner as you, but you have lost that power. Your children are adults with families of their own, and they have chosen a slightly different path. Deal with it! Instead of insisting that its your way or the highway, why dont you BE THERE FOR THEM!

If you are so sure about what your faith (denomination) is, what is the harm in seeing your family be received into this other church? You MAY just find out that this church beleives in the same basic principles that you do.

And……Im not just irked at this letter!

The response from the priest is just as perplexing!

Basically, he tells this mother that decisions like this are anguishing. Excuse me? Anguishing?

Then, he says there is no ‘right or wrong’ way to deal with this situation and that you shouldnt have to compromise your convictions…..uh….what? After going on for several paragraphs, the priest then gives a further impression that its not a reflection of the parents upbringing that her children have choosen this path…….

This makes me incredibly incensed! How is it that you see this situation as such? Im sorry, but how is being raised in a denomination that believes in Jesus, and then going into another denomination that beleives in Jesus, so wrong? I really want to know how this is apparently some horrible path that they could be going down?

I dont know these people, but I am assuming that they arent drunkards, drug abusers, party animals, murderers, etc. Wouldnt THOSE things be the wrong path? Isnt it good that your family has choosen something resembling Christianity?

Some people really need to put their priorities in order!

So theres this church in Florida that decided it would be appropriate to Burn the Quaran on September 11, 2010. Its supposed to be in memory of the victims of the attack that killed thousands on 9/11. The churchs pastor Terry Jones has appeared on CNN (See the 4 minute video here: )

It amazes me that the first impression I have of this pastor is his statement that he would burn the Quaran because he doesnt believe that its sacred. In the same minute, the pastor states they have nothing against Muslims and that they are free to worship….but honestly….does he think that even makes sense? How can you burn what that faith beleives to be their sacred text and then in the same breath claim to welcome them?

I think Rick Sanchez says it best….Why counter hate with hate?

In discussing this upcoming event with some of my friends, I have not heard one opinion on the side of this pastor. Not ONE! What does that say to you?

Ive only talked to a few self-described skeptics/atheists and even they are perplexed about why someone would do this. While I am generalizing their comments, the gist is that this will only lead to more issues between Christians and Muslims. And I have to say, that I agree.

A few weeks ago, Anne Rice (author) posted that she was leaving organized religion. Many took this to beleive that she was leaving Christianity in general. After a few ‘updates’ it was later revealed that she wasnt going back to her atheistic beliefs, she was just leaving the hate that surrounds the Christian faith (ie hate towards gays, certain politicians, etc) After going thru those posts and seeing the above posted youtube video, I can definately see where she is coming from. (See this for more specific info: )

It amazes me how many Christians cant see how some of the more radical faiths could hate us so much. But, in the same breath, they spew off all this vile basically stating how much they hate those people. How is their hate different from that?

I really should know better than to watch documentaries detailing how rock music makes the youth turn into devil worshipping evil creatures…but, for some reason, I keep finding and watching them. Anyway, if you want to see the documentary that I am specifically referring to, be prepared, it is 4 hours long.

We sold our souls for rock and roll:

This documentary begins by flat out stating that those teens responsible for the massacre at Columbine was because those who killed their fellow students targeted Christians because rock music told them to. Those on this side of the argument claim that because they wore metal tshirts and listened to heavy metal music, it possessed them into thinking Christians were meant to be killed. Other theories suggest that the teens were bullied and targeted the kids that were mean to them. I would assume that the latter describes the situation in a more legitimate way….but that isnt mentioned in this documentary. I guess the fact that some of whom were murdered called themselves Christian was more important to state than the fact that these same children did, in fact, bully those that were responsible. But, this isnt really what I want to talk about today.

During the course of the 4 hours of this documentary, we are shown instances where different groups (mostly in the heavy metal genre), are said to be Satanists. We are shown the stage performances as well as lyrical content of many of their songs.  There is no doubt that this genre specifically is ‘dark’. There are many artists who openly state that they do not believe in organized religion, and some who even claim to have actually sold their soul to the devil to become famous.

And of course, this is where the gray area lies.

Sure, you could watch this, and say, yea, these bands shouldnt be listened to….they should be banned…

You could even go as far as saying, these bands influence a generation.

But, I have to ask this question…..

If listening to this music TRULY influences people, why arent there more instances of children or young adults killing multitudes of people?

Here is another question that is a little more difficult for minds to understand….If this type of music creates atheists, then why arent atheists prone to taking this type of action against Christians? ‘Most’ of the people I know who call themselves an atheist, have no intention of harming fellow human beings. They do not sacrifice little babies on Satanic altars….nor do they just decide to go around killing those they know are Christians. Im guessing this fact disappoints those who want to beleive rock and roll music creates evil.

And, as someone who has almost exclusively listened to thrash heavy metal and punk rock music my entire 38 years of life, I can honestly tell you….I have not ever felt like carrying out actions that would hurt any other person or myself. Listening to this music has not made me a devil worshipper….nor has it made me beleive that there is no hell or no God.

We have to remember that there are sick people in this world, even within religious denonimations. The media needs to stop using rock music as an excuse for all that is bad in the world. It is a cop out and honestly, it gets old.

And for those who would like to comment – this blog isnt about how rock and roll or other musical genres go against what is written in the Bible. That is a different subject entirely. This blog is simply to state, that this music does not make all who listen to it, evil murderous people.

I just found this online today….
So, our President claims we are a Muslim country…..He makes excuses for Islam.

Our President attacks Christianity and allows passage of laws against principles of Christianity.

The Christian Bible states you cannot serve 2 masters. The Bible meant-God and money….however

Our President cannot serve Islam/Muslim and act like he is protecting our nation. Respecting others’ religions is one thing…catering to one is another.

Just keep watching out for signs….and never despair if you know the truth.