Free speech is beginning to be a thing of the past…

We are being censored around the world RIGHT now!

If someone classifies your website as undesirable, your site can be blocked. If you think this cannot happen here, think again!

Watch the video below and look at the websites I have placed below for more information….I have also listed the website I found this on in this blog title. Just click on it and see much more on this topic.

Drivers licenses for the internet:

Bloggers for hire by the government:


So, I was born in 1971 but if I was born in the 1960s I would have soooo wanted to be part of this geeky project….

On Labor Day 1969, the first router was born. It connected UCLA and Stanford University and was amazingly fast at 50 kps – well….fast for back then anyway.

So by watching the video, we now know that the first router was the size of a refrigerator while most routers these days are about the size as a cordless telephone base….oh, how the times change. Arent you glad that you dont have to have something like this in your office? (Even tho the geek in me wishes I did have this piece of internet history in my home)

It amazes me how many people just dont understand how far we have truly come in the world of technology until they see something like this. So…watch!

I usually spend my Tuesdays and Thursdays updating my personal sites and blogs, today just seems like Ive been hit with an opinion arrow.

Anyway, I subscribe to T.H.E. Journal. “Transforming education through technology.”
Matter of fact, Ive been a long-time subscriber-I was introduced to it about 10 years ago while working for CCBC.

The reputation of T.H.E. Journal cannot be dismissed. There are many informative articles if you like to read about how technology can be used as an education tool.

Personally, I dont care who makes campaign endorsements. Normally I do not pay attention, since I have pretty made up my mind already. However, I will address T.H.E. Journal’s endorsement.

It is no secret that our federal government did not plan wisely with NCLB (No Child Left Behind) and states and jurisdictions were misinformed about the programs. Our current administration should be appalled at the goals THEY set, but never accomplished (on average). Granted, there is NEVER enough money supporting our school systems, paying for qualified teachers, and for technology.

Our country needs a President who understands technology. We need something done so that our children are utilizing EVERY possible way to learn. Studies have shown that children with developmental disabilities as well as learning disabilities learn faster and retain more information when they utilize a technological tool. I have also seen the interest level rise when students learn that they can use the computer for projects.

And, since most people know who my “dog in this race” is – let me share with everyone something that may surprise you:

Democratic candidate Barack Obama has a technology plan that will provide support and direction that is crucial to our schools and students. After a quick review, his plan DOES seem as if he has subscribed to magazines of this type for years. (I disagree with posting student information online, no matter what type of security)

Republican candidate John McCain also has a plan for schools that includes use of technology. And while McCain has some decent ideas (concerning virtual learning), he falls short on the extense of the overall “project”.

If Barack Obama stops the bashing (I wish McCain would stop also) and brings THESE ideas out to the public, he will win the election by a landslide.