This page will be a running list of the Science I learn this year (It is my resolution after all)

Jan 1, 2011 – On New Years Day, I read this post in my google reader: What a year means (and I believe until proven wrong that this is also the reason for Leap Years)

Jan 1, 2011 – I read an article over my boyfriends shoulder about the reasons why cookie sheets pop in the oven: /

Jan 2, 2011 – I watched a documentary about how life began on earth with simple organisms

Jan 3, 2011 – I watched a clip (and later the entire discussion about an organism that is roughly 500,000 years old that lives in our permafrost. (Ill look that one up later)

Jan 8, 2011 – I watched What Happened before the Big Bang (Pt 1- / Pt 2 / Pt 3 / Pt 4 )

Jan 14, 2011 I read this post and learned that you can see other galaxies with just binoculars You can also see Andromeda unaided. Thats pretty spectacular.

Jan 18, 2011 I watched an episode of Cosmos I learned that the microscope was invented in Holland in the 1500s and that Jupiter is considered a failed star.

Feb 1, 2011 Bill OReilly doesnt know how tides work. While I actually DID know how tides work, I needed confirmation of how the moon was made:


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