Im really tired of all the partisan games down in Washington DC. No one knows how to compromise and everyone wants credit. Literally!

The past year, all Ive heard about is raising the debt ceiling, which – in laymans terms means that the government will be able to borrow even MORE money to add to our ever increasing debt.

Quite honestly, this all seems ridiculous considering that it was just a few months ago, they raised the debt ceiling. How many of us can do this when we get ourselves into a financial quandry? No one I know can do this.

Which brings me to how -I- would solve this problem.

Ever heard of Matthew Lesko? If you were ever suffering from insomnia back in the 90s, Im sure youve seen his infomercials. This might jog your memory:

This guy basically showed us how to get ‘free’ federal money…..Sounds good? Right? Well, apparently a simple google search tells me his entire spiel was a scam, but what if ANY of his books did tell us how to get that ‘free’ money?

Lets just say…..for pure conversation sake…..that out of all Leskos books, there were 50 programs that us regular people qualified for. So, you apply and get your federal check (remember, its ‘free’ money). Who inevitably pays for that check? That ‘free’ money gets paid for by United States taxpayers and adds to our debt.

Wanna know how else we add to our debt?

A simple look at the budget (and Im talking line by line) will open your eyes to the waste that occurs in our country. We have, quite literally, several thousand programs that are over a decade old. Some of these programs may only benefit a handful of people. These types of programs typically never end, they just keep going and going, like the Energizer bunny. Why arent programs like these stopped?

How about what our government pays for supplies? Ever seen those websites that lay out how a lightbulb can cost the government hundreds of dollars? If anyone could ‘buy in bulk’ its the government.

How about some of those ridiculous studies? Im not talking about true studies that actually benefit science here. Im talking about the millions of dollars that have been spent on researching the most glaringly obvious idiocy-like these examples:

Why is our government NOT stopping THIS? Granted, I understand that cutting some of these wont put a dent into the trillions of dollars we are struggling with, but isnt it a start?

Lets stop lobbying in general. Lobbyists get paid to stroke our elected officials egos in order to get their pet projects okayed. Not only is it a waste of our money, it does nothing for good legislation. Basically, let your projects and legislative ideas speak for themselves – if they cant do that, what good are they?

Lets stop this picking on our senior citizens and our military all the time everytime theres money problems in Washington. If anyone deserves to be paid, its those two groups. Our elected officials should do without THEIR pay to show a real sacrifice.

Quite honestly, our country needs to learn how to live within our means. Stop taxing the middle and lower class to death. You cant fix the economy if all those who would be spending money have to do without the necessary cash in ¬†their pockets because of higher taxes now…..can you?

***stepping off my soapbox***











You will notice that todays blog has no link. I have done that on purpose since I am just going to provide my thoughts on the debate and some other random stuff.

I thought last nights debate provided an interesting view of the candidates for President. I enjoyed the back and forth between them and the allowance of responses.

I will not pick a winner, as both candidates had strong moments (debate wise). There were times when I wished it would stop….I feel as though Obama baited McCain into asking about some of the more recent “controversies”. Obama was well prepared in his response. (Ill be researching later, to see if all the dots connect there)

Even though I disagree with Obamas health care plan (as well as McCains, I might add) as well as some other platform issues, he provided a well thought out description of what his would entail. I am sure that it won him support.

This morning I read Garys blog, and he is unsure about how 9/11 led to our financial mess. Here is how I beleive that it absolutely did.

After 9/11 occurred, resources went to our country’s security. There were losses all the way around. Many financial companies lost everything on 9/11 (Remember hearing about companies having employees missing?)

The airline industry lost alot of money because we shut down air traffic completely. Many airlines either went under or merged with another company….jobs were lost along the way.

Do you remember the stock markets being closed? Unexpected closures affect the market, as well as the futures market (which I think is a load of crap-similar to the balloon effect in the housing industry)

I can remember like its yesterday hearing that AlQuada (sp) won a victory by destroying our financial center….and 2001 wasnt that long ago. If you look at the overall picture of the market pre-9/11 to present, you can see how the trend started.

Taxes, taxes, taxes…..
Do we really need to continue to raise taxes for the citizens? Can we seriously get an audit of everything by issue (education, transportation, outreach-services…etc) and cut the fat?

Lets stop paying for programs that do not benefit anyone. Little pet projects disguised as earmarks?

Some people look at how much money their Congressman-Senator, St Representative bring back to their district to help assist how they vote. I for one am embarrassed by this…oh yea, that new ball field at your kids school….thank you Delegate ______. You realize that this is NOT a gift for those he represents? Your paying for it thru higher taxes.

Now, I understand areas needs fields and parks, but our schools are FALLING APART. Have you been in some of the schools? Everytime it rains-trash cans in the halls where the leak is….no room for your kids? Lets bring in a portable classroom.

How about our teachers? They wont be getting a cost of living raise, and pay for items our children use out of their own pockets. Ever complain that you gotta spend a few bucks for Kleenex? Every school supply list in Baltimore County lists this item.

Our roads are a mess. And Baltimore City roads are unreal!

Money SHOULD be spent on the above mentioned items….not for some earmark/pork project for the district. This is a waste.

I wont EVEN start on the recent bailouts…its just so unconstitutional.

It’s been awhile since I have blogged, but I did not want to just rant – however, it seems inevitable….

I cannot express my disappointment in the voters of the state of MD. An article in today’s Sun Paper even touches on some fears for the constituents of our state….

“State senators-elect urge $1 cigarette tax hike
Incoming legislators hope new Democratic administration will OK increase

Now this may be fine with some of you out there, but if this passes, what will be next? Will they increase taxes on liquors? That may also be fine with some of you, but there are other ways to increase revenue in our state….like LIVING WITHIN YOUR MEANS!!!

We have lived within our means for the past 4 years. Instead of adding programs – why don’t we look into how much money is being spent unnecessarily? In my house, if we don’t have the money, we don’t buy it….PERIOD!

For once, I would like to see programs currently in use improved or even stopped if they are not working – not new ones implemented. I do not want my tax dollars used for abortions, embryonic stem cell research, or to fund illegal aliens.

By Jennifer Skalka
Sun Reporter
Originally published November 20, 2006, 12:53 PM EST

Though proposed tobacco tax increases have stalled in the General Assembly in recent years, a coalition of nine newly elected state senators is leading the push for a $1-a-pack hike — a move they hope will win the support of the incoming Democratic administration.”Where there’s a will there’s a way, and I’m here to tell you there are nine new senators, at least, who have that will,” Sen.-elect Michael Lenett, a Montgomery County Democrat, said yesterday during the Baltimore kick-off of the Healthy Maryland Initiative.

Surrounded by labor and health care interest group leaders, Vincent DeMarco, president of the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative, said voters spoke this month by electing candidates who made health care a priority on the campaign trail. He said the $1-per-pack tax would help expand access to health care for 60,000 state residents and prevent up to 50,000 teenagers from smoking. The increase is supported by incoming state Comptroller Peter Franchot and Attorney General-elect Douglas Gansler. Outgoing Republican Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. did not support a similar proposal. State lawmakers last raised the tax — and Democratic Gov. Parris N. Glendening signed off — in 2002. ”

Of course, the voters in this state obviously do not pay attention. Granted democrats outnumber republicans, but I was sure that the records of those running for office is this election would be looked at – Apparently from the results of this election, it does not matter if someone cannot perform in their current position.

Certain campaign ads contained blatent lies….I will give you one of my favorite lies-
Bob Ehrlich raised college tuition rates.
I am very sorry but NO GOVERNOR raises college tuition. The Board of Regents determines this. Even under Former Gov. Glendenning’s administration, we saw tuition rates rise – did anyone blame him?

Many voters saw these ads and beleived them and it is unfortunate that they did. I will be keeping my eyes open during the next 4 years, and I hope that the democrats proove me wrong. Just remember when you start complaining, ask yourself – Who did I vote for?