So theres this church in Florida that decided it would be appropriate to Burn the Quaran on September 11, 2010. Its supposed to be in memory of the victims of the attack that killed thousands on 9/11. The churchs pastor Terry Jones has appeared on CNN (See the 4 minute video here: )

It amazes me that the first impression I have of this pastor is his statement that he would burn the Quaran because he doesnt believe that its sacred. In the same minute, the pastor states they have nothing against Muslims and that they are free to worship….but honestly….does he think that even makes sense? How can you burn what that faith beleives to be their sacred text and then in the same breath claim to welcome them?

I think Rick Sanchez says it best….Why counter hate with hate?

In discussing this upcoming event with some of my friends, I have not heard one opinion on the side of this pastor. Not ONE! What does that say to you?

Ive only talked to a few self-described skeptics/atheists and even they are perplexed about why someone would do this. While I am generalizing their comments, the gist is that this will only lead to more issues between Christians and Muslims. And I have to say, that I agree.

A few weeks ago, Anne Rice (author) posted that she was leaving organized religion. Many took this to beleive that she was leaving Christianity in general. After a few ‘updates’ it was later revealed that she wasnt going back to her atheistic beliefs, she was just leaving the hate that surrounds the Christian faith (ie hate towards gays, certain politicians, etc) After going thru those posts and seeing the above posted youtube video, I can definately see where she is coming from. (See this for more specific info: )

It amazes me how many Christians cant see how some of the more radical faiths could hate us so much. But, in the same breath, they spew off all this vile basically stating how much they hate those people. How is their hate different from that?


Who isnt a terrorist these days? Republicans, Democrats, Tea Partiers, Conspiracy theorists…..what next? Christians? Im tired of everyone using the word terrorist to describe people they dont agree with or even ideologies they dont understand. Im tired of being classified along with two people who dont have any value on life and obviously have serious mental issues.

And no matter which network I look at, the message seems clear….Conspiracy theorists are bad. Meanwhile, they use their slick tricks and slanted interviews that dont allow any clarification or are edited heavily.


In this first clip (3 1/2 min), CNN basically states that anyone who has anything to do with a conspiracy theory is a ‘hatriot’

Let me just tell you a few TRUTHS here. First of all, the conspiracy movement did not just start when President Obama became our President. It was around way before that. And to conduct this segment with a banner that says ‘Suicide Warrior’ is just plain wrong. Allowing the misrepresentation of ANY of the conspiracy groups in this manner told me that you just want to point fingers than to do a story about someone who was just plain mentally unstable.


I find it almost funny that Anderson Cooper and John Avlon apparently havent spoken to anyone (like myself) who can present her views clearly and precisely.

It is also odd that EVERYONE in the media wants to slant what the entire 9/11 movement is about….when clearly there are different variances. I consider myself a truther because I have questions about Building 7 and there are no answers and I have questions about why the Commission members now state that they werent given adequate access to investigate thoroughly (as well as other claims). And yes, I have looked at some of the other theories out there, but none of it makes me want to take some sort of ‘revenge’ or ‘coup’ on my government. I just would like some answers.

So, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) sent out this report stating conspiracy theorists are terrorists? And now we have two events where we are being told that the two men were involved in different movements? Sounds like a false flag to me….and Im not even gonna go into the ‘oddities’ surrounding those events.

Over the weekend, Geraldo had Alex Jones as a guest….and surprisingly it wasnt a train wreck. Clearly, the woman who attempted to slam Alex down was not in possession of many facts. She was ‘put in her place’ by Geraldo who explained to her that what Alex said is true. (Golf of Tonkon) This womans attempted attack was another clear cut not willingness to listen and it made her look foolish.

Heres the clip of that:

Heres a suggestion to the main stream media….How about you conduct interviews fairly for once? If your viewing audience can tell what the interviewers opinion is, youre clearly doing it wrong.

This time it is CNNs Campbell Brown speaking with Chris Horner, Stephen McIntyre, Michael Oppenheimer and John Roberts….

A pretty spirited discussion regarding global warming and Climate-Gate.
Right now the United Nations Climate Conference is going on…and will continue for 2 weeks. How can anyone beleive ANY of the climate claims made by these people?

I say…go out and purchase Chris Horner’s book….get educated on what this argument really is about. In my opinion, this argument isnt about our environment….its about money – taking YOUR money to fill their coffers and make THEM rich.

When they start talking about the reality of how to fix the problems our environment DOES have without taxing us on breathing….Ill start listening.

Dr Patrick Michaels (Sr Fellow of Environmental Science) and Bill Nye (The Science Guy) discuss Climate-Gate. Now….Ive watched Bill Nye and learned science stuff from him for a number of years…but HELLO? He looks like a total idiot against Dr Michaels.

How can you state that in looking over the released emails regarding Climate-Gate that it doesnt raise any concern? Uh…what isnt serious about this?

Wake up Science Guy!!!

Sooooo…..CNN aired this story on November 18th. CNN just keeps pushing their propaganda to the masses….making me beleive that they are truly not a news organization, but part of the CIA or something….(hows that feel CNN, to be dismissed as a news organization? Hmmm?)

Anyway, the Oathkeepers is an organization where those who are in our military and police force take an oath to uphold the Constitution….remember that thing? Ya know, that document upon which our country was founded upon?

The Oathkeepers are NOT an extremist group, as referred to by the network. Nor do right-wing extremist groups target returning veterans to ask them to uphold their country’s founding documents. Thats supposed to be a given. The Oathkeepers is not a racist organization.

As we have seen recently at the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, the local police force is using tactics the military has used during war. These tactics go directly against what our rights are as American citizens. It is groups like the Oathkeepers who find veterans, soldiers and the police and have them take an oath that defies orders that violate our rights.

I stand and cheer for those brave enough to go against what they are told and know enough to keep us truly free.

But – watch the video…..see for yourself