Sooooo…..CNN aired this story on November 18th. CNN just keeps pushing their propaganda to the masses….making me beleive that they are truly not a news organization, but part of the CIA or something….(hows that feel CNN, to be dismissed as a news organization? Hmmm?)

Anyway, the Oathkeepers is an organization where those who are in our military and police force take an oath to uphold the Constitution….remember that thing? Ya know, that document upon which our country was founded upon?

The Oathkeepers are NOT an extremist group, as referred to by the network. Nor do right-wing extremist groups target returning veterans to ask them to uphold their country’s founding documents. Thats supposed to be a given. The Oathkeepers is not a racist organization.

As we have seen recently at the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, the local police force is using tactics the military has used during war. These tactics go directly against what our rights are as American citizens. It is groups like the Oathkeepers who find veterans, soldiers and the police and have them take an oath that defies orders that violate our rights.

I stand and cheer for those brave enough to go against what they are told and know enough to keep us truly free.

But – watch the video…..see for yourself