Im pretty sure that by now, most people reading this post, has been the victim of some sort of discrimination and/or bigotry. Whether youve been discriminated against for your age, sex, race, religious views, political views, or just because you look different. But today, I am going to address hatred of gay people.

Earlier this week I heard about this group called One Million Moms. They were attempting to get Ellen Degeneres fired from her job as spokesperson of JC Penney because Ellen is gay. Its funny that they call themselves One Million Moms when, at the time of this writing, is just a little more than 43,000. (And no, I am not going to link to their facebook page)

I came across this video of Ellen addressing this bigotry:

You will see that supporters of Ellen went to their facebook page and posted their support for her in droves. In addition to that, another facebook page was started called ‘One Million Human Beings Against One Million Moms’ (https://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Million-Human-Beings-Against-One-Million-Moms/283203235026830)

On February 6th, think progress posted the following: (http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2012/02/06/419905/mother-of-gay-son-responds-to-one-million-moms-against-ellen-your-hate-speech-is-hurting-your-children/)

This mother is quoted as saying: ‘We have a huge generation of our children destroyed, hurting, bullied, tormented and committed suicide because of non-accepting organizations such as yours; your group message portrays non-acceptance and hate. Being a mother myself my maternal instinct inside me would never risk the welfare of our children by the non-acceptance and public outcry for the termination of a gay person, what type of message are you sending? A message of HATE!’

I have to say that I agree with this mom. No, my children arent gay that Im aware of….but I do know gay people who suffer because despite the fact that they are loving, caring people, theres always gonna be people who look at them and hate them just because they are gay. They will be discriminated against at their jobs and amongst their own family members for this single fact. These bigots will not see them as a great teacher, cook, parent, etc.

On February 9th, JC Penney came out and announced that Ellen represents the value of their company: (see embedded interview) http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2012/02/09/422100/jc-penney-ceo-ellen-represents-the-values-of-our-company)

In this link, JC Penney CEO, Ron Johnson again speaks to his support for Ellen (http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-ticker/ellen-degeneres-only-choice-jc-penney-ceo-says-221440378.html)

Quite honestly, Im perplexed at why Martha Stewart isnt the one they chose to target with their boycotting. At least in the case of Stewart, she was found guilty of something and went to jail.

And this morning, I came across a video in which even Bill OReilly understands what this group was attempting to say and do. Be forewarned Sandy Rios might make you want to strangle your computer.

Bill OReilly needs to be commended for his comments. He is absolutely correct. No one should be fired because they are gay. This type of witch hunt IS equal to McCarthyism.

And while Ms Rios thinks that Ellen CHOSE her lifestyle (make no mistake about her choice of words here) and believes that Ellen marrying her long time partner is wrong….I have to point out that committing to marriage (no matter what the sexual preference may be) should be commended. Contrary to belief, most gay people I know are in long term relationships.

I also find it hard to believe that ‘middle America’ wouldnt know of any gay people. She also goes on to state that children shouldnt be exposed to or ‘propagrandized’ by the gay culture. Uh…..has she even looked around?

Does Ms Rios even know the gay/straight ratio of employees in any of the stores she patronizes? It seems me that perhaps she should look into that. She may find out that she has no where to shop.

How did she say it? We are seeing gay culture embedded in our society in an alarming way? Im guessing thats because many gay people have come out publicly despite the bigotry of people like her. Every person brings something into society. Maybe….just maybe our society LIKES what gay people bring to the table?

No, your disdain regarding gay people is NOT a legitimate complaint. A legitimate complaint would be that if while eating dinner in a restaurant, your food came to you half cooked.

Complaining about gay people is bigotry.

You know how you can tell? Substitute the word gay for another word – like Jews or blacks…..Can you see it now?



This post follows a discussion about a story about a Victorias Secret model who quits the business I had on facebook early this afternoon:


My initial comment on a post on facebook was this: Women and their bodies do NOT belong to anyone. Including their husbands.

I was told that ‘she didnt mean it ‘that’ way’ and that she didnt want her body on display for others to lust after.

In jest, I made another comment saying that if I had half the body she had, Id show it off to any and every one….which, come on now, thats pretty funny.

I further asked that if her husband knew she was a Victorias Secret model, why should she feel compelled to quit, in order to give her marriage a chance. I then questioned how modeling is UnChristian.

But then some guy I dont know said this: (Ive bolded the truly offensive part) ‘This women, of her own free choice, chose to do something she felt would grow her relationship, and since it coincided with traditional values you can’t stand it. Again, so much for women’s rights, it’s not about them doing what they want, it’s about them doing what the movement wants them to do. Bravo to a woman choosing her marriage first and choosing to be a giver, a loving wife. Here is to her husband who supports her no matter what. What a beautiful example of a beautiful relationship. Sheila, you don’t have to be a radical feminist to hate what she’s decided to do, but it helps. 
You don’t even have to be a feminist to support some imaginary “choice” to kill other humans, but again, it helps. 
Fact is, feminists hate men, they hate marriage, and they hate the fact that this beautiful woman has chosen to to strengthen her marriage to her husband.’

First, it takes ALOT of ‘gumption’ to assume that just because you see my comments about articles on someones page, that those names apply to me – or anyone for that matter.

You dont have to be a feminist to believe in the equality of women. I am in a relationship (of almost 13 years) to a wonderful man. He supports whatever I choose to do for a career and whatever I choose as a hobby. I respect and support the same of him.

If I did have the body that would allow me to be a Victorias Secret model, he would be supportive. He would not be ‘jealous’  that other men looked at me. And after discussing this with him, I got the impression that he would be proud that I had such a lucrative career.

Women CAN be their own person, with their own thoughts and actions, even in the midst of a relationship. And believing this, doesnt make you a feminist. A truly beautiful relationship takes into account the equality of both partners, and the support they provide to each other. A truly beautiful relationship doesnt even need both people in it to be ‘parrots’  of each other. They can disagree with each other and not be offended.

Who says I cant stand that she choose some sort of traditional values decision? I address what I DO question near the end of this post.

As for the comment that called me a killer…..well, let me address this in this way: I got pregnant while still in high school. Ive been pregnant since. I have never had an abortion. Furthermore, Ive never told anyone to get an abortion. In fact, Ive never killed anyone. I grieved when I miscarried multiple times – even the times I had no clue I was pregnant when I miscarried. So please explain to me how Im a ‘killer’.

I do not hate men. If I did, I wouldnt have dated and/or married one. And I dont hate marriage. Ive been married. Just because I dont think marriage is a necessity, doesnt suggest hatred. It merely implies an observation.

Do you know what responses like that is? Its a form of misogyny. How much do you have to hate women to make assumptions like this person did about me?

And…..If youre still reading, THIS is why I questioned why this model quit.

It is quite telling that Busutti is quoted saying:

Bisutti’s decision to leave the lingerie company was also spurred on by an encounter with her 8-year-old cousin.

“I was doing my makeup in the mirror one day and she was watching me,” Bisutti said.  “She looked at me and was like, ‘You know, I think I want to stop eating so I can look like you.’”

“It just broke my heart because she looks up to me and I didn’t want to be that type of person that she thought she had to do that to be beautiful,” she said.  “Thousands of girls that think that being beautiful is an outer issue and really it’s a heart issue.”

Quite honestly, this would have been such a teachable moment for this cousin….as well as for girls everywhere.

This model could have used this comment to EDUCATE her cousin that eating healthy and exercise is how you accomplish these goals. She could have come out publicy and gained SOOOO much press on this issue.

Instead, she turned this into a ‘modeling is UnChristian’  stance, which delegitimizes the discussion altogether.

And for those who stand by the modesty/wholesome-ness argument, have you seen what she is wearing in this interview? And no, I dont think there is anything wrong with what shes wearing, but that dress and those super-size high inch heels (what are they like 4-5 inches?) dont scream modest and wholesome to me.

On Friday, July 23rds Alex Jones show, Jesse Ventura was a guest. Jesse spoke to Alex about supposed government harrassment of his ‘Conspiracy Theory’ television show.

After listening to both parts, I have concluded that he was NOT harrassed. See for yourself below:

Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWVhrwSQlZo&feature=player_embedded
Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQXok5QDSjA&feature=player_embedded

In case you dont want to sit thru this, heres a quick recap:
Jesse came on the show and claimed that the government told him he wasnt allowed to film at JFKs eternal flame. (He was doing a show on the JFK Conspiracy Theories) He contacted his representative Michele Bachman after being turned down because of the subject matter of the show. To make a long story short, Jesse Ventura filmed there anyway (It is not entirely made clear if he did it without permission or after his representative assisted with the matter.)

Jesse Ventura then gave the persons name who denied his request as well as his phone number to Alexs viewers. (tacky much?) Jesse claims that his taxes pay these peoples salary (uh, sorry Jesse, but dont you live in Mexico now?) He also asks that all ‘true’ Americans call this man and give them a piece of their minds….

Honestly, stating that you were harrassed just because you were denied your request, does not equal government harrassment. Just because you were in a branch of the service, a mayor and a governor does NOT entitle you to anything. Making claims of this nature to the viewers of Alex Jones’ show and asking them to call this man is not the way to solve your supposed problem.

The second you admitted that you filmed your shot, you lost any claim of harrassment.

Bad behavior is rampant among celebrities. I cannot beleive that the biggest news story is Anna Nicole Smith. Even Britany Spears is on the news….

The latter for shaving her head and getting a tattoo. Come on people! Granted, shaving your head and getting tattoos should not be reason alone to lose cutody of your kids, but I dont think Ive seen a photo of her with them in months. Where are her children? Why is this girl on tv? She needs to grow up and be a mom to those children.

I dont know what to think about Anna Nicole – part of me really feels sorry for her. I can imagine that the death of her son destroyed her. I hope that whoever raises her daughter really and truly cares about her and isnt just doing it for some easy money, if there is any to be had. But, why is this woman on tv to begin with? In any case, she lived fast and died young.

As I sit here typing this blog, there is only one thing on my mind. Why are we rewarding all of this bad behavior? I watch Cable News almost exclusively and you would think that you would see serious news stories. I am forced through extensive news coverage, to watch the bahavior that is a detriment to society.

Im certainly not a total prude, but didnt anyone’s mother tell Britany to always wear clean underwear? Dont any of these celebrities know anyone killed by a drunk driver? Does rehab really cure people of anti-semitism or bigotry in general?