Bad behavior is rampant among celebrities. I cannot beleive that the biggest news story is Anna Nicole Smith. Even Britany Spears is on the news….

The latter for shaving her head and getting a tattoo. Come on people! Granted, shaving your head and getting tattoos should not be reason alone to lose cutody of your kids, but I dont think Ive seen a photo of her with them in months. Where are her children? Why is this girl on tv? She needs to grow up and be a mom to those children.

I dont know what to think about Anna Nicole – part of me really feels sorry for her. I can imagine that the death of her son destroyed her. I hope that whoever raises her daughter really and truly cares about her and isnt just doing it for some easy money, if there is any to be had. But, why is this woman on tv to begin with? In any case, she lived fast and died young.

As I sit here typing this blog, there is only one thing on my mind. Why are we rewarding all of this bad behavior? I watch Cable News almost exclusively and you would think that you would see serious news stories. I am forced through extensive news coverage, to watch the bahavior that is a detriment to society.

Im certainly not a total prude, but didnt anyone’s mother tell Britany to always wear clean underwear? Dont any of these celebrities know anyone killed by a drunk driver? Does rehab really cure people of anti-semitism or bigotry in general?