Its been awhile since I have posted a new blog…Ive been working on my Lost theory-Besides, there really hasnt been anything in the news that has caused my blood pressure to rise….until now.

Because of the increase in local traffic accidents-and parking lots where you drive…Ive been listening to talk radio to hear the updates so I know how to get to work on time. While listening Friday morning, the above-mentioned article came on.

I remember back when OJ was on trial for the murder of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman. Goldman’s family sued him on a civic level and won. There was an inventory of some sort done at OJs house. During this time, OJ claimed that several items were stolen.

Among these items, are items that are said to be items OJ was “getting back” in Las Vegas. Unfortunately for OJ, he has associated himself with the wrong people-whom he has said double-crossed him.

I have done a small survey of those I personally know. I will admit that I am the ONLY one out of about 10 of us who believe that OJ was innocent on the Simpson-Goldman murders. Among us, there is not ONE of us who believe that OJ is guilty in Vegas. Everyone of us now KNOWS that OJ will NOT get a fair trial now that this trial has an all-white jury. The fact that there are two black alternate jurors, will NOT be a factor at all.

Those calling into talk radio even believe that these jurors are more inclined to convict because a predominant percentage of whites think OJ got away with murder before. What do you think?


Just a quickie update on a story I blogged about earlier.

PG County Police Chief High issued a statement stating the Mayor and his wife were innocent victims, clearing their names. He also stated that he regrets the killing of their two dogs.

But no apology was made.

I won’t get back into the details of this story-I’m still upset about the way the police handled this situation. I could not even get away from this story, as it is being discussed on cable news and on blogs from those outside of the state of MD.

The police were wrong to even go into the house in the manner they did. They were not supposed to force their way in. If they would have followed “the book”, this family would not have suffered through this grief.

I am glad that they have their names cleared for the crime they were unknowingly involved in, but a formal apology is necessary, especially with all the press this story is getting. I am also thankful that the further victimization by the police is known. The people that were further victimized by police after suffering from identity theft in this case, were not criminals with records wanted for violent crimes – they were both upstanding citizens in the community.

If the police “brutalize” a family like this (elected official-to boot), what are they going to do to the rest of us who aren’t in positions such as this?

Identity theft is all the rage….seems like everytime I turn around I hear about someone else having their identities “stolen” in some type of way. However, this story is different.

The PG County Mayor was at home getting ready for an event when police “shoved” their way into his home – it seems as if the mayor’s wife identity was used for drug delivery. Delivery of the drug would be delivered to a home, and picked up by someone other than the addressee.

After reading this article and listening to the press conference, I am outraged. First, the police did not investigate any other alternative other than marijuana was sniffed by drug-sniffing dog…they already arrested the deliverymen. No one ever said, hmm-this lady is the wife of a mayor….Granted government corruption is everywhere, but wouldn’t someone know if the mayor’s wife was using or selling drugs? She holds a job with the MD Dept of Human Resources. Does she participate in drug testing? Don’t you think that her job performance would suffer if she was doing drugs?

Secondly, back in Baltimore-you cannot help but know where the mayor lives. Unfortunately, because of an ongoing investigation, we all have seen the mayor’s house. PG County Mayor Calvo has been mayor since 2004….You mean to tell me that the police did not know this was the mayors home? Come on!

Thirdly, the police killed two family pets. These animals were not attacking police. This unfortunately, is not the first case where police killed family animals. In Akokeek, police went to the wrong home, were told it was the wrong home – but still minutes later, police shot their dog. The family was never charged with anything nor was anything removed from their home.

What burns me up the most is that police never even apologized for their mistake. Now, I am not talking about real criminals having their pets killed…even though that is wrong as well. I am talking about those who have been victimized by criminals-and then because they have animals, the animals are killed.

Instead of being treated like victims, their home was invaded…The mayor and his mother were tied up for a few hours witnessing the murder of their family dogs. The family had to clean up the bloody mess, which was tracked all throughout their home.

Maybe I am still naive, but after a week I think the police should issue an apology. It won’t bring their animals back, but at least some healing can occur. What do you think?