I really should know better than to watch documentaries detailing how rock music makes the youth turn into devil worshipping evil creatures…but, for some reason, I keep finding and watching them. Anyway, if you want to see the documentary that I am specifically referring to, be prepared, it is 4 hours long.

We sold our souls for rock and roll: http://wideeyecinema.com/?p=6985

This documentary begins by flat out stating that those teens responsible for the massacre at Columbine was because those who killed their fellow students targeted Christians because rock music told them to. Those on this side of the argument claim that because they wore metal tshirts and listened to heavy metal music, it possessed them into thinking Christians were meant to be killed. Other theories suggest that the teens were bullied and targeted the kids that were mean to them. I would assume that the latter describes the situation in a more legitimate way….but that isnt mentioned in this documentary. I guess the fact that some of whom were murdered called themselves Christian was more important to state than the fact that these same children did, in fact, bully those that were responsible. But, this isnt really what I want to talk about today.

During the course of the 4 hours of this documentary, we are shown instances where different groups (mostly in the heavy metal genre), are said to be Satanists. We are shown the stage performances as well as lyrical content of many of their songs.  There is no doubt that this genre specifically is ‘dark’. There are many artists who openly state that they do not believe in organized religion, and some who even claim to have actually sold their soul to the devil to become famous.

And of course, this is where the gray area lies.

Sure, you could watch this, and say, yea, these bands shouldnt be listened to….they should be banned…

You could even go as far as saying, these bands influence a generation.

But, I have to ask this question…..

If listening to this music TRULY influences people, why arent there more instances of children or young adults killing multitudes of people?

Here is another question that is a little more difficult for minds to understand….If this type of music creates atheists, then why arent atheists prone to taking this type of action against Christians? ‘Most’ of the people I know who call themselves an atheist, have no intention of harming fellow human beings. They do not sacrifice little babies on Satanic altars….nor do they just decide to go around killing those they know are Christians. Im guessing this fact disappoints those who want to beleive rock and roll music creates evil.

And, as someone who has almost exclusively listened to thrash heavy metal and punk rock music my entire 38 years of life, I can honestly tell you….I have not ever felt like carrying out actions that would hurt any other person or myself. Listening to this music has not made me a devil worshipper….nor has it made me beleive that there is no hell or no God.

We have to remember that there are sick people in this world, even within religious denonimations. The media needs to stop using rock music as an excuse for all that is bad in the world. It is a cop out and honestly, it gets old.

And for those who would like to comment – this blog isnt about how rock and roll or other musical genres go against what is written in the Bible. That is a different subject entirely. This blog is simply to state, that this music does not make all who listen to it, evil murderous people.