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Yesterday President Obama announced his compromise regarding the birth control mandate and the Catholic Bishops apparent tizzy fit.

This compromise is wonderful for the many women who use birth control, whether it be for the use of family planning, or for the use of treating many medical conditions.

Even, Sister Carol Keehan from the Catholic Health Association is pleased with this compromise stating – ‘The Catholic Health Association is very pleased with the White House announcement that a resolution has been reached that protects the religious liberty and conscience rights of Catholic institutions. The framework developed has responded to the issues we identified that needed to be fixed.’

Read the full statement here:  (

However, the Catholic Bishops are still throwing rocks, going as far as denouncing this compromise. (

The above linked article goes on to say that Rep Jim Jordan insists that this compromise still violates the First Amendment – Quote:

“This ObamaCare rule still tramples on Americans’ First Amendment right to freedom of religion,” Jordan said in a written statement. “It’s a fig leaf, not a compromise. Whether they are affiliated with a church or not, employers will still be forced to pay an insurance company for coverage that includes abortion-inducing drugs.”

NEWSFLASH: I have to say that MOST insurance companies provide contraception services. So, unless theres some company out there specializing in health care that agrees with the Catholic faith, you pay an insurance company that covers these services.

I read an article on Mother Jones, which some of you may believe is a liberal website, but what is in this article seems to really be true: (

Let me reiterate that it is discrimination to suggest that Catholic churches only have Catholic employees. However, even Catholic women use birth control. (I mentioned those statistics in an earlier blog thats linked above.) The Catholic church has been attempting to control what their female members do with their bodies since, well…..Theyve been losing this battle since the 60s when birth control became available. And they are STILL losing this fight within their own houses of worship.

Southern Beale says it best within this blog post: Warning: graphic language (

Catholic institutions like hospitals employ people of all faiths. These employers need to abide by the same rules as everyone else. No one is forcing Catholic employees to use the contraceptive benefit in their insurance plans. What the Catholic bishops are trying to do is get the federal government to enforce the church’s anti-contraception doctrine because they have failed to do so on their own. This isn’t an “assault on religious liberty,” it’s the exact opposite: it’s getting the government to enforce a church rule that no one has followed in decades.’