During the inspection of the Bay Bridge after the accident where a tractor trailor went throught the concrete jersey wall barrier and into the Bay, officials decided that this area was dangerous.

These brainiacs decided that they needed to repair the area NOW. Not next weekend when traffic would be calmer. Mind you, this is the first time that any vehicle went OVER the bridge.

So, yesterday afternoon, officials suspended the tolls because traffic was horrible. All week long, we saw the traffic woes of those who sat for hours in traffic just to get home from work. Even with the drop in fuel prices-(who thinks 3.50 a gallon is cheap?) sitting in traffic for up to 4 hours can be a budget breaker.

However, who came up with the idea to suspend the tolls? This may have alleviated traffic during rush hour, but what about the revenue generated? The state could have kept collecting tolls to support the work being done on the bridge. Instead, there could be a shortfall because thousands of vehicles passed through during one of the busiest travel weekends.

Our Governor, Martin OMalley, announced busses that will cross the bridge. HAHA! Is this for real? Who crosses the Bay Bridge and doesnt need their car on the other side?

Come on people! This emergency repair job could have waited until after this weekend. We could have possibly collected revenue on a busy holiday that would have helped pay for this repair job. Instead, we get traffic problems and waived tolls.