Two things to look at today….First I have attached a link that is accessible from the blog title. This link will take you to the Huffington Post, which is a liberal leaning blog. The second is the video that is embedded below.

I wanted to give the link to the Huff Post because many people beleive that I do not get my information from “both sides of the aisle” so to speak. These same people beleive that its all conspiracy theory to me….which its not.

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I am against genetically modified foods….for MANY various reasons. Monsanto tends to be a bully, which doesnt help them in my eyes.

Anyways, one of the most prestigious organizations has found that Monsantos GMO corn (3 varieties) contain poison and can lead to organ failure….namely concentrated to the kidneys and liver. This is huge news especially since Monsanto has the means to hush any reports of this type. It looks at if Monsanto is attempting to redirect the focus away from what has been proven, stating that it is due to faulty research methods. Seriously Monsanto….get a grip and stop killing us slowly!

If you grow a plant that also contains insecticides, what did you think would happen? Roundup ready? Puhleeze!