I have included 2 links to articles regarding a snowfall that was created by MAN. Read them and decide for yourself – can men create weather? If so, why was Hurrican Katrina not made less strong….why do we have droughts? These questions, while crazy to some, arise after this….


BEIJING (AFP) – – Chinese meteorologists covered Beijing in snow Sunday after seeding clouds to bring winter weather to the capital in an effort to combat a lingering drought, state media reported.

The unusually early snow blanketed the capital from Sunday morning and kept falling for half the day, helped by temperatures as low as minus 2 Celsius (29 Fahrenheit) and strong winds from the north, Xinhua news agency reported


BEIJING: Beijingers woke up Sunday morning to a city turned white with snow that came far ahead of the winter. It was only in the later part of the
day that one learnt that 186 doses of silver iodide went into persuading the clouds to release snow flakes.

The metrological department said it had started seeding the clouds from 8pm in Saturday to beat down lingering drought in and around Beijing. The department claimed success in producing 16 million tones of snow for the city.