I have four thoughts regarding Pastor Joe Nelms and his ‘controversial’ prayer this past Sunday….but first – watch the video (if you havent already seen it)

Lets get my first thought out of the way. I know that most of the comments are completely from those who have NEVER seen a Nascar race. Do you want to know why? They are up in arms about the public prayer thing…..Dont get me wrong, I completely understand the whole separation of church and state thing, but why are you just now getting upset? As long as I can remember (and Im currently 40 years old and Ive watched ALOT of races) there has ALWAYS been a televised prayer before the National Anthem prior to any Nascar sanctioned race. ALWAYS. So, your argument is moot. Unless you can prove to me that youve been fighting this since Nascar began…..there is no argument to be made.

Secondly, Pastor Nelms prayer is NOT disrespectful. He didnt say this prayer in church. He said it at a racetrack. Again, those who are pointing out his call-outs to sponsors, manufacturers and other various race related things, it is blatantly obvious you know NOTHING about racing. Without sponsors, there would be no racing, which is why the first thing drivers do when they win, is call out every sponsor they have – as well as their manufacturer.

Thirdly, his ‘in the name of Jesus-boogity, boogity, boogity-amen is NOT disrespectful either. You see, when the green flag drops and racing begins, Darrell Waltrip says this. It is a way to say….woohoo its on! Its basically the equivalent of shouting ‘hallelujah’ in church.

Lastly, Ive seen alot of comments regarding his ‘for my smoking hot wife’ quote. Quite honestly, its refreshing that this man loves his wife this much. And in case you were wondering, his wife aint no supermodel. Below is a picture of them together.

And before I close out this blog post, Im disappointed in those who have judged this Pastor, as well as Nascar and their fans based on an Invocation that they didnt even realize occurred in the first place. As Ive mentioned to many of my friends and acquaintances this past week, Nascar is the ONLY sport to televise their Invocations WITHOUT the big mouth announcers talking over them.


I will be praying a rosary every day between now and Election Day for the end of a culture of death.

I pray that God will do HIS will to protect innocent babies in the womb.

I pray that God will give Americans the wisdom to form a conscience while casting their votes.

And most of all, I pray for the safety of our candidates and our country.