I stumbled upon this interview this afternoon. It is titled “Jesse Ventura abused by TSA will no longer fly”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVKmMD-_QuA&feature=youtu.be

Now, with all the stories that have been brought to light regarding the TSA, I thought I was in for a doozy of an interview. Oh, how wrong was I?

Well, first of all…..Jesse was not abused by the TSA. He explains his hip replacement surgery (re-surfacing) and why he sets off metal detectors. He goes on to state (in his own words) that it is his PERSONAL CHOICE to not fly any longer.

Honestly, I dont care if Jesse Ventura flies on commercial airlines or not. Hes capable of flying private, so his opinion isnt formulated enough to identify with those who arent former governors, wrestlers, or tv show hosts. Does he really think his statement means anything?

While Alex and Jesse do speak about how the TSA is invading our personal spaces, I feel that I was misled to click on this interview due to its poorly constructed title. I would think that the Alex Jones Channel would do a better job…..guess they just care about the clicks <sigh>