Its a shame that there really isnt anything to do down in Eldersburg.

Shortly after I moved to Eldersburg (and saw the XFiles 2 movie) the Flagship Cinema movie theater behind the KMart closed due to various concerns. (

The closest theater is in Westminster (inside the mall). Or, if youre able to travel, you could go to Columbia or Owings Mills.

Then, we heard that the bowling alley down at Liberty Rd and Rt 32 closed. (

Granted, I dont bowl (and yea, Im from Dundalk-so much for stereotypes, huh?) but I dont even believe that there is another bowling alley in Carroll County. And because I dont bowl, I dont even know where the next closest alley would be. So, if you enjoyed that past time, so much for your enjoyment.

Last night, I heard that the Buffalo Wings and Beer in Eldersburg was closing February 6th. (

Other than Bellisimos on Liberty and Klee Mill, I dont even know where theres another place with pool tables. And Bellisimos only has one pool table and an air hockey table. So I guess its down to Ellicott City to the VIP if we wanna go out and shoot some pool.

I understand the economy is bad. Really, I do. But without anything of entertainment in Eldersburg, what would a teenager do in Eldersburg? I guess hanging out in half vacant shopping center parking lots would be the alternative.


There are several problems that I can see occurring in Eldersburg. We have the half vacated shopping center where KMart is. When I first moved to Eldersburg, I heard all the stories regarding Black Oak and that assorted mess.

We have some Main Street Project behind the Walmart, that I STILL dont see anything built.

We have this Liberty Exchange project that still doesnt seem to have anything happening in despite articles in local papers saying otherwise. (

And Peebles is closed (

And not that Im against Starbucks or anything, but the K Bank is going to become one. (and there is a Starbucks inside Safeway) (

Are our teenagers supposed to just hang out there? Some alternative huh?

I guess everyone can hang at the gas stations that are rumoured to be built. I have to wonder where the planners get their ideas from. Just how many gas stations does Eldersburg need?


Im guessing that teens and the parents of teens that dont drive yet, will be forced to take their money into other areas in order to be entertained. This is bad news for Eldersburg.

No matter which way you to attempt to spin it, having residents travel out of the area to spend their money will kill the area. When and if another business opens in the area, people will already have been used to going out of the area, and more than likely wont give new establishments a chance.

Someone, please tell me just how Eldersburg can survive?

Someone, please tell us what our kids (as well as adults) are supposed to do for entertainment?