Once upon a time there was a sport that had ravenous fans. Back in those days, drivers had personalities and the stands were packed. But that was then…..this is now.

About 10 years ago, Nascar decided that it wanted to be like other sports and institute a ‘play-off’ system. This created a change in their points system and a created the ‘chase’ out of the last 10 races of the season.

Now, Nascar claims that this change in points would not change who won the championship….and while that may be true, there are many things that this did affect within the points system. One being that usually drivers who finish in the top 10 positions would have better sponsorship opportunities. With this ‘new’ system whoever finished in the top 12 positions would be ‘locked in’ and couldnt finish worse than 12th in points, no matter how they ran in those last 10 races. Prior to this change, anyone could have finished in the top 10 and have additional opportunities.

Another change that is affected by the chase playoff, is the fact that a driver who is first in the points by the time the chase is on (for lack of a better way to put it) can be thrusted out of that spot because another driver has more wins. (i.e. Jeff Gordon/Jimmie Johnson a few years back)

Now, cut to the present…..

Nascar has claimed this ‘have at it boys’ attitude and well, that sounds good on the surface, but apparently they are all talk and no action.

Lets be honest….in Nascar drivers arent allowed to have personality. Drivers have no say. A driver isnt even allowed to be honest after being asked to do so.

When Nascar brought out the ‘car of tomorrow’ they asked the drivers their opinions. One of them gave his opinion and was fined according to all the blogs Ive read today. I dont even like the driver that this involved, but come on!!!! Dont ask a question you dont want answered Nascar.

And not that anyone affiliated with Nascar will ever read this blog post, but to keep the drivers who you fined a secret? How lame is that? Are you afraid that the fans will turn on you more because of your stupidity?

Now, Ive been a race fan for a very long time, but when you change the sport in the way that you have, you lose the fans who grew the sport….Whats more important Nascar? Bringing in new people who dont know the history or keeping the fans who have attempted to keep watching despite your idiocy? Some people may disagree with me, but I know at least 50 people who wont even watch a Nascar race any longer…..including myself.

You wanna know why your seats are empty? Call it the economy….and there isnt much worth $100 admission, let alone a sport thats so hands off for the fans….How about talking about more than 5 drivers for once? You cant bring a cooler of food and drinks in with you….and food and drinks at the track are expensive. Nascar wants a cut of everything, including drivers merchandise – which leads me to another point…

Im a dirt track kinda gal and I know alot of sprint car drivers, and those drivers and their families design their own merchandise. Alot of those drivers use the money raised from tshirt sales to pay for their health insurance. Now thats something I can and will continue to support….I wont be spending my hard earned money on a sport that could care less about the fans.