So after all the hype, I finally was able to watch a couple clips of Sarah Palin’s new show on TLC. (Clips here in case youre interested: )

So…..political pundits, what do you have to say? Nevermind, Im sorry I asked…..

I have no idea how this woman thinks that basically being the head of tourism for the cold state of Alaska (probably not a real position) can be turned into a presidential run in the future. Since when do our politicians turn into Travel Network reporters?

How can ANYONE who is serious about politics be a fan of THIS?

How can any self-respecting woman watch this and STILL take this Palin chick seriously? (yea, there are people who take her seriously)

Unfortunately, the former VP candidate, who claims to ‘leave her family out of it’, appears to be using this exact family to promote herself in this show. She is the EXACT example of hypocrisy! You cannot bring your family to the forefront like this and then expect no one to talk about them.

One last thing…..ya know that line that Tina Fey made famous? Ya know….the one about seeing Russia from her house? I think (dont quote me on it tho) Tina Fey made that line up without Palin actually saying it. Until now. Yep, Palin does say this idiotic line that -(wait for it)- made her a complete joke in the first place!

I know that laughing at yourself can be fun…..but really?

Please America – Spare us from Sarah Palin.

Real conservatives are asking for your help 🙂