A little more fun on a Monday morning:

I was recently listening to WBAL radio and they were discussing fashions women should avoid. Unfortunately, according to them, I am a fashion victim (i.e. capris and big sunglasses). I know it wouldn’t be a first time that mainstream media picked on some women’s favorite items however, I think it’s time to turn the tables a little bit.

Here are my 5 items that men should avoid wearing:

1: Thongs – I beleive that women should avoid these as well. Thongs are uncomfortable as well as unflattering.

2: Sandals with socks – Now, I really don’t like a man in sandals, but I really don’t understand why the socks. If you are wearing sandals, you do not need to wear socks too.

3: Black socks pulled up to the knee when wearing shorts – Did you look in a mirror? Unless you are a senior citizen, this look is not for you.

4: Hawaiian shirts – Please do not make our eyes crazy unless you are on vacation in Hawaii.

5: Camo: The ONLY time this is okay to wear is if you are in the service or hunting. If you are not either, please do not wear camo. It is NOT a fashion statement.

Now, these are only my personal opinion, but if you have items that I missed, please comment! If you have an argument with any of the items on my list….explain.


If you click on the Title to this post, you will be taken to a video of WBAL News’ coverage of this story. http://www.wbaltv.com/video/17151930/index.html

I am only in my 30’s, but I don’t seem to recall ever hearing about an accident where a vehicle actually falls into the Chesapeake Bay. While this accident is horrific, the tractor trailer did fall into a shallow part of the Bay beside the bridge.

Almost 24 hours later, part of the bridge remains closed. When looking online at CHART, you can tell no one is really going anywhere.

If you don’t have to go near the Bay Bridge, don’t. It will probably be a mess through tomorrow evening.