If you click on the title, it will take you to a local school newsletter. I would like for you to turn your attention to page 5, where you see a “warning” concerning energy drinks.

Now, I completely understand why there is cause for concern regarding drinks like: Monster-Amp-etc

My issue is that on the bottom of this flyer-there is contact information for a drug abuse hotline.

This leads me to believe that there will be a HUGE gray area, in the way caffeinated beverages are seen in Carroll County Public Schools. Will they, at some time in the future, BAN beverages like: Mountain Dew, Coke, Coffee, tea?

If these products are FROWNED upon, will be still be seeing a coffeemaker in teacher’s lounges?


Brigham Young University student, Justin Bergener, has created a website that allows students and parents to report bullies anonymously. This is a great idea, especially in today’s world.

Recently, “snitching” has gotten a bad rap. Granted, its never been “cool” to snitch on your friends, but with the increase in online bullies and many children resorting to suicide as a result, this could be a good thing.

This system, in use in Utah, could also be a tool to report suspicious activity (i.e. Columbine) and save many additional lives.

Let’s hope the rest of the union utilizes this technology.