This blog is my reply to the above referenced blog:


Im not sure if those tweets you were reading were mine, but I know I was vocal about the issue…so-heres my take (without going into the abortion issue).

Notre Dame is a Catholic Ivy League College. For MANY years, ND had a repuation of being very hardline on Catholic “issues”, even going so far as to not hire non-Catholics (I am led to believe that this practice ended several decades ago OR when it had to do with their football program.)

In the past decade, ND has turned their back on the foundation upon which it was built.

For example, ND hosted the play “The Vagina Monologues”. Now, by most standards-you will say-“Whats wrong with that?” Nothing if it was done in any other University. Notre Dame should have been held accountable by the Board of Trustees.

When it was announced that Barack Obama was invited-and subsequent drama that unfolded up to his visit-I must admit, that I was truly appalled. This has nothing to do with the fact that he is now our President. This has EVERYTHING to do with legislation that he supported and/or signed. Supporting abortion rights, embryonic stem-cell research, tax-payer funded abortions outside of the United States –and the list goes on.

I asked myself-How in the world can an Institute such as Notre Dame invite someone who is so opposed to principles within the Catholic faith? And then to give him an honorary degree? HELLO? Our President, Barack Obama was educated in an Ivy League college and obtained a law degree…What sense does it make to give him a “fake” degree?

I want you to know that I did listen to his speech to the graduating class. I was thoroughly disgusted by his remarks (and his garb that honors Mary) and felt as if I was watching one of Obama’s election speeches. His remarks in no way were directed to Notre Dame graduates.

If class Valedectorians have to have their speeches approved, why wasnt his? 3/4 of his speech directly went against the teachings of the church.

Notre Dame has allowed blasphemous events to be held on campus and invites those who do not uphold our Catholic values for far too long…And THIS is why I am no longer a supporter of Notre Dame.


College football season is upon us once again. I, for one, am all excited. Of course, my favorite team, The Notre Dame Fighting Irish, do not play until September 6th.

I have been a ND fan for a long time…watching many develop into great football players. If you go into the alumni of the Fighting Irish, you will see that many of them became huge NFL stars.

This year, Notre Dame has an Offensive Center listed on their roster that has a name familiar to many of us. Mike Golic Jr.

I was about 15 or so when Mike Golic Sr. started in the NFL. I remember watching ND games with my grandfather when he was a defensive player for the team. By the time Golic was hosting the sports blooper show, I had kids. I would be able to watch it if my daughter happened to be awake at that time of the night!

I dont watch the current show that he co-hosts on the duce. (Mike and Mike)

The Golics are starting a family dynasty. Mike Golics brother, Bob, also was drafted out of Notre Dame. With an uncle and father coming from Notre Dame and being drafted out of the NFL, it was almost a given that Mike Jr. would be as well. I sincerely hope that he is just as successful as they were.