As someone who has lived in the United States her entire life, I can tell you that Ive been brought up to support Israel because they are our countries ally. In the past year or so, my eyes have been opened regarding some of the things Israel has done in the past….One of my friends sent me a link to watch some of Robert Fisks documentaries and I didnt just stop at watching just one. I suggest that if you are on the fence regarding the types of things that Israel has been involved in (specifically about Gaza) look up Robert Fisk on google videos. Believe me, your eyes will be opened.

It is very difficult to understand the history of both Israel and Gaza. There has always been ongoing struggles in this region and neither side can come to any type of agreement….

It doesnt surprise me tho…After years of hearing about sanctions on different countries around the world, coming from the political perspective – I can now admit that I was naive regarding who are the ones punished when sanctions are imposed. It isnt the political leaders who are punished by sanctions, it is innocent families. And dont give that sanctimonious crap either, saying those innocent people are just as bad. How would you feel if you couldnt get much needed supplies because some other country got together with their allies in the United Nations and imposed sanctions because they disagreed?

(A perfect example of this is that the United States and Israel want all these other countries to disarm. I understand why. My issue is that no matter which country complies, The US and Israel will not ultimately disarm. Now – do you wonder why Iran or other countries arent completely complying?)

I have to say that I have doubts about the authenticity of Israels version of what transpired in this latest conflict with Gaza.

You see – every single story Ive seen about this states that all passengers on these boats were taken off the ship and all items (including their video) was confiscated. All weve seen on tv is a video that many online have stated is a fake. For those who have been able to conduct interviews following their ordeal, the facts differ from the ‘official’ story that Israel would have you beleive.  (Flotilla Survivor says Israeli marines boarded unarmed American ship throwing grenades Here is another survivor/eyewitness (Huwaida Arraf, US activist) recounts the deliberate murder of civilian activists. )

However – those of us in the United States who are attempting to find out what happened, are basically left to wonder just what is going on….I mean, most of our media is on the side of Israel…..while the rest of the world has condemned what they did in International Waters. (The United States is the only country NOT to condemn Israels attack )

Now, Im not picking on any particular network because they all have pretty much been the same – but I found this clip of Glenn Greenwald on MSNBC saying very matter of factly, they have pretty much aired pro-Israel rhetoric (or shall I say, propaganda) without any real debate. He points out just how one-sided the coverage of this obvious crime against humanity has been conducted.

So, lemme get this straight, Israel is basically allowed to fire upon a ship in International Waters? Lets say, Iran or Iraq did such a thing, would the United States still be so –blazze? and also see

I then watched a clip of Helen Thomas  telling the White House how they ‘should’ be acting! I have to say, I wanted to give Helen Thomas a round of applause after watching this!

And…..Lets not forget the straight up political nature of those who are ceasing diplomatic relations with a Israel…Nicaragua is the first to cut all ties with Israel. Im sure the list is about to grow.

Have you ever really looked at this entire conflict in a different perspective?

Do you really think it is okay for Israel to attack a ship carrying supplies/aid in International Waters? Do you think it is okay that they did this in the presence of a child?

This truly is not a political issue – this is an issue of whether you care about humanity. Was it okay when Israel attacked Gaza for a month? Was it okay for them to hold the citizens of Gaza under so tight of a curfew that one cannot even leave to go to a hospital? Is it okay that human beings are dying just because they happen to be Palestinian?

Oh….wasnt Hamas ‘democratically elected’? Dont they disagree with the way our government does things? Hmmm, food for thought.

We, as Americans, have attempted to figure out why the rest of the world hates us. Ive heard roundtable discussions talking about extremists possible motives and while many possibilities are discussed, NONE equate their hate for us with our support of Israel.

For the most part, its my belief that no matter where your loyalty lies, this behavior will be found. However, no other country has ‘got away with’ more of these crimes than Israel.

NOW (at the advice of a friend-thanks)

I am not a ‘hater’ I am not for any type of movement that uses violence as a way to get their way. I am not for the suffering of ANY human – PERIOD!

If you disagree with me, that is fine. I wont be offended if you respectfully state your views. I ask that you please give links if referring to factual information so that I may see what you are speaking about. Im sure more information will be made public and I will post my take on that as well.

Until then…..”the truth is out there”

Will you be able to see it?