I woke up this morning hearing that Israel broke the truce by shooting at a Palestinian near a border fence. This shooting killed one Palestinian (Anwar Qudaih, 20). and injured about a dozen others.

Testing truce, Gaza crowds surge toward Israel border fence; 1 killed but cease-fire intact

Truce Intact but Terms Still Unclear After Killing in Gaza

Thankfully, Gaza has not retaliated. (Im writing this post at 7:30 pm 11/23/12)


Earlier this afternoon, I exchanged a dialogue on a blog of someone I do not personally know.

This dialogue consisted of some back and forth discussions, in which the following statement was said:

‘There was a Palestinian near the fence holding rocks. He had thrown several at Israeli soldiers. What do you expect those soldiers to do?’

This statement was followed up with this photo:

My response was pretty simple. You do not shoot someone for throwing stones.

Luckily, I was able to get the screenshot of the photo, but by the time I attempted to screenshot the conversation, the blog had been deleted.


Most of the arguments Ive had with people regarding this conflict have centered around how Gaza shoots rockets and Israel is just defending itself.

And, on the surface, that argument may hold water. But when you take into account that those rockets do almost no harm, and land in empty fields, and the numbers of Palestinians dead vs the numbers of Israelis dead, that argument just simply does not work.


Just last night I was discussing this with my boyfriend.

The over-reaction of Israel can be equated to: If I pinch you, I deserve to die.