My friend Gary did an OUTSTANDING summation regarding Tuesdays election and why the GOP lost.

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Inside: My conservative straw man; Is this your new thing? Welfare?; Ayn Rand all up on the government teat; We’re arguing about the crumbs while the plate is being pulled from under our noses

The Death of American America

I don’t believe in gloating. I kind of feel sorry for these people. I mean, Election Day was stressful (and why the heck isn’t it a national holiday??). Still, those photos and the melodrama of people’s tweets, emails and texts is entertaining.

I’m proud to say that I don’t live in a social bubble. I don’t really have a social circle, per se, but I know and love people of all stripes. I know and respect a lot of Republicans and conservatives. I also know and respect a lot of progressives that are farther than what you think is Left. We agree on more than we realize. You just have…

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