Today, me and my man went to vote. We stood in line for an hour.

You see, stakes are high here in Maryland. There are several referendum questions. One of which is to allow or not allow gay marriage.

Both of us voted to allow gay marriage.

You may be shocked at this revelation. You might even be appalled.

But here are our explanations, which may very well change your mind, or not….

*People like to claim that marriage is a religious institution. If this were true, people couldnt get married at the courthouse. If this were true, people would not have to go to the courthouse to even obtain a marriage license. This process, if religious in nature, would only be allowed thru a religious institution.

*Opponents want to make you think that pastors wouldnt be able to refuse to perform a marriage between two members of the same sex. For one, the language in this bill states otherwise. And, lets not forget that a pastor can refuse two members of the opposite sex from getting married as well.

*People like to claim that gay marriage would take the sanctity out of marriage. Have we forgotten all about the short term marriages of  certain celebrities?

Kardasian/Humphreys This one lasted an entire 72 days.

Lets not forget the Britney Spears 55 hour marriage

I could list many, many more instances of heterosexual marriages that are treated like a joke.


Just a few months ago a local Senator decided to be very vocal about his anti-gay stance.

QUOTE: Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo expressed his support for Maryland’s upcoming ballot initiative to legalize gay marriage, Burns wrote a letter to Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti that basically said football players who disagree with Burns should know their place and keep quiet ENDQUOTE

I dont care who supports or doesnt support this initiative but I do find it offensive that Sen Burns used his office stationary to do it.

Minnestota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe probably said it best in his response to Emmitt Burns. Im not real fond of the language he used, but it certainly got his point across.


I certainly agree that allowing gay people to marriage would have ZERO effect on your lives. (unless you happen to be gay and want to get married.)

And lets not forget the financial arguments Ive heard. Theres no way that our state is gonna make money off of gay marriage. If Im not mistaken, its $35 for a marriage license. No one ‘renews’ them.

If the state REALLY wanted to make money off marriages, gay or not, they would make people renew their licenses every year to remain married. You dont renew, guess what? You arent married anymore.

(Remember you heard that one here first folks)


But the most important reason I voted FOR gay marriage is the argument that many of my conservative friends made……

‘People who are gay are living against God’

First, if you co-habitate with someone OR even have sex prior to marriage, you are already ‘living against God’

This argument pretty much offends homosexuals and heterosexuals who live with someone….or gasp! those who have sex outside of marriage.

OR, how about those of us heterosexuals whove been marriage and are divorced or separated?

Yea, were all lumped into the conservative-religious argument against gay marriage.

And that argument scares the bejeezus outta me.


We are supposed to have a separation of church and state in our country. This separation is not apparent in many areas. (google evolution and intelligent design to get a clear view on this statement)

You CANNOT make a religious argument about laws passed. Not everyone in our country is religious and not everyone who is in our country has the same religious views as some of these openly religious legislators.


So yea, we voted to allow gay marriage.

Because in the end, why do you care what other people do with their lives. These people who are gay and want to marry just want the same rights as straight married folks do.

Are you THAT afraid of them and their rights?