A facebook friend of mine shared the following ‘fan’ page with a short post about how her child was almost ‘lost’ due to similar circumstances – https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForLucie

Yes, this story is heartbreaking. I couldnt even imagine losing a child, let alone in this manner.

However, there are some things I need people to be aware of if your child is in need of emergency care and is being ignored.

If my child goes to the ER, its usually a true emergency.

My daughter Amanda had alot of asthma related issues growing up. We spent so much time in the pediatric emergency room that the hospital staff knew us by name.

Instead of allowing physician or hospital staff ignore my child, and instead of allowing nurses or other staff chatter amongst themselves about unprofessional topics, go out there and DEMAND that they take care of your child. ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE HAVING BREATHING ISSUES!

Do not take any of their crap. Dont let them attempt to tell you that some specialist is ‘on their way’. Make sure that someone is taking care of your child. NOW. No, not when they are done with their conversation….NOW.

You see Im what you call a loudmouth. Im not going to allow some ‘stranger’ to tell me some ridiculous nonsense when it comes to the health of my child.

Your child is your child. They cant be replaced. Your child is your priority. The medical issue that had you bring them into the emergency room, needs attending to.

Make sure the doctors and staff take care of your child as if she/he is their priority. And as much money that its gonna cost you for this emergency room visit, get your moneys worth and make them take care of your child!