I dont know if its because Im getting older, or if Im tired of social media, but everyday I see people who have no real health issues complain about pain. So this post is a vent of sorts.

I was diagnosed with lupus in 95. Prior to that, I had a diagnoses of juvenile arthritis. Ive ALWAYS had joint and muscle pain.

Since my diagnosis, Ive had a number of flares of my lupus. During those and subsequently even while NOT flaring, I have joint and muscle pain.

This type of joint and muscle pain cannot be ‘removed’ by pain killers. My body literally gets to the point to feeling like if I even bend a small bit, I will break.

Some days, this pain is excruciating. But, I usually still get up, out of bed, shower, and get ready for my day.

The diagnosis of fibromyalgia came a short time after my lupus diagnosis.

I described that pain and if every nerve in my body is on fire – has needles poking it. Even the clothing I wear feels like its rubbing my skin off.

Ive also had a back injury. Two slipped discs, one ruptured disc, and multiple compression fractures. After months of physical therapy, I required surgery. Several days a month, my back goes into spasm. Despite this pain, I do what I gotta do.

Both of these illnesses qualify me for disability. I have applied for disability in the past. However, my determination to be a productive member of society, coupled with the fact that the disability payments wouldnt pay my bills, has made me aware that I need to work full time.

So yes, despite the fact that my body feels like this pretty much everyday, I get up, shower, and go to work.

I dont want an award for this. Im just tired of seeing people post how much pain they are in and use it as an excuse to not be living to their full potential.