So, unless youve been living under a rock, Im sure you have ALL heard about the CFA controversy. Both sides of the issue have been quite vocal (myself included) about their reasons to support or not support this company.

Its NO surprise that CFA is a Christian company. What other fast food joint isnt open on Sundays? Mr Cathy has always been vocal about his Christian values. So, why are so many surprised about the latest? And why are so many people claiming bigotry against gay people?

Well, lets start at the facts: (and please read to the end of the post)

Over 3 million dollars have been given to the Family Research Council and Exodus International from the WinShape Foundation. Im sure alot of you have heard about what the Family Research Council is  but in case you are unfamiliar it is a a certified real hate group. In fact, FRC’s President, Tony Perkins is fairly well known for his ignorance regarding gay people. [See link: ]. Exodus International is a sort of ‘pray the gay away’ foundation.

For those who claim CFA isnt discriminatory, heres an article from Forbes which states otherwise: They have been sued at least 12 times since 1988 according to this article. A few examples claim that those who arent Christian who do not attend Christian prayer have been fired and another says the company ‘watches’ their employees very closely. It is also stated that those who apply for operators licenses are asked very personal questions which leads me to think that someone like me who has been divorced would not be able to attain a franchise within this company.

Annnnnd…..we also have a suit pending regarding a pregnant women who was fired so she could be a ‘stay at home mom’. What is this? 1950?


These examples show a pattern within this company. They obviously dont support anything but Christian values. Duh, right? But there is something to be said about a company that would fire someone who is Jewish or Muslim for not participating in Christian prayer. And perhaps, maybe that is their right as a business in the US, but its pretty discriminatory in my eyes. Im not Jewish or Muslim, but I know enough to know they dont pray to Jesus. And this mess with firing a woman so she could be a stay at home mom? I dont know many mothers who dont work. Some of us cant afford to stay at home with our children.

But wait! Theres more!

But, there is nothing that frightens me more than the fact that CFA has supported the Uganda ‘Kill The Gays’ legislation. Yea, you read that right…..KILL THE GAYS. This legislation would give the death penalty to anyone convicted of being gay or even someone who has HIV.  (Link: ) Granted, some of you may say, they didnt support that…..but not condemning this is basically supporting it.


And no, this argument is NOT about free speech as much as you would like to make it out to be. No one is trying to shut Mr Cathy up. This is about an organization using their profits to actively go against gays and single parents. No one says you gotta support gay marriage……just stop the hate and bigotry.

Oh, and another thing…..we need these CFA supporters to stop saying they dont do boycotts. You can just google the AFA ChickFilA and boycott to see the companies that CFA and the AFA have called boycotts on.