It all started about a month ago. Our local allergy season started off with a bang. Grass and tree pollen are my biggest problems. The lack of rain didnt help.

As usual, I began taking my allergy meds, knowing that if I didnt, I would get really sick. About a week later, I felt myself becoming ‘sicker’ (headaches, coughing, etc) which usually means that all that ‘blech’ from my allergies has turned into a sinus infection…again.

I did my best to maintain…..but then I lost my voice AND had this squeaky type noise after each cough. Initially, I was worried that somehow I picked up whooping cough. (We have a daycare in our building and Ive been reading articles about the rise in whooping cough)

So, off to the ER we went.

Let me just first inform you that my now 22 year old daughter has asthma. She was diagnosed when she was young. We basically lived in St Agnes, we were there so much. But never in all my 40 years, have I ever had to be seen by respiratory therapy…..until that day in the ER.

I got ‘nebbed’. Diagnosis, bronchitis. (Another first)

So, I go home with prescriptions in hand.

You see, I DO lose my voice every single year. Ive had my throat ‘scraped’ several times…..which, Im now told leads to permanent vocal damage.

Just. Great.

Yea, Im a loud mouth. And yea, Im pretty proud of the fact that you can actually hear me over race cars at the track. So, me at whisper levels isnt what we call…

But to lose your voice for 3 weeks? This isnt normal. It isnt even ‘fun’ for my family any longer.

So yesterday my doctor had me see an ENT and he performed a biopsy of my vocal chords. I even got to see my vocal chords up on a monitor. However, I think he should have prepared me for seeing the tool they used to scrape my throat….

Think sickle…..grim reaper

Im sure my eyes just about popped outta my head.

So, Im forced to write everything I want to say….Im told that after several procedures like this, you can actually rip a part of your vocal chord.

So, Im awaiting the word from the doctors office….which apparently has a strange sense of humor. I was left a message this morning that said, Hey, we need you to stop by this afternoon. Just have someone give us a call if you cant make it. We will assume you will be stopping by if no one calls us to let us know otherwise.

Pretty amusing, huh?

No? Alright then, watch this…..cuz I got bronchitis – Aint nobody got time for that: