Let me introduce Ashley Cappetta to you…..

The very first time I met Ashley Cappetta, I was in the pits at Williams Grove. She was helping Brian Leppo. I think she was about 14 years old. One of the first things she told me, was that she wanted to drive a sprint car.

This is no surprise to me. She lives in Central PA….the ‘hotbed’ of wing racing. She goes to school with the likes of Aaron and Amy Ott (among others).

Since meeting Ashley, she has worked with other 410 and 358 sprint car teams at other racetracks (Lincoln and Trailways inlcuded) and has pursued her dream of driving a sprint car.

I remember just two years ago, meeting with Ashley in her dining room and two others who wanted to help get Ashley into a sprint car. While I havent helped her as much as I wish I could, others have stepped in and made sure that Ashleys dream was kept alive.

And this past Tuesday, Ashley made her ‘debut’ at Trailways.

Just seeing Ashley sit in her 358 truly makes me smile. You see, she worked for every single part on that sprint car. And I am proud of her for making her dream happen!

While I was at Trailways Tuesday, I saw Ashley make 3 ‘runs’ on track. Since this was her VERY FIRST TIME out on the track, she was alone on the track.

Run 1:  

Run 2:  

Run 3:  

Now, lets address a few things now that youve seen the video…..

Ashley understands how much these sprint cars cost and she also understands just how hard everyone has worked to get this car on the track. She went to Trailways this past Tuesday in order to get in and get comfortable in the car.

She wasnt out to break any track records, nor was she out to destroy her car.

I think that we, as fans, forget that our drivers start SOMEWHERE.

Personally, I think Ashley did fabulous for her first time on the track. She was taking the turns quicker each time she went out. If I wasnt ‘filming’, I would have broke out the stopwatch just to confirm this.

And for the ‘haters’ out there criticizing her, put your money where your mouth is. So, if you were (or are) one of those yahoos who think you could have done better…….WHERE IS YOUR CAR?