Apologies for the nearly two week absence. I started feeling horrible two weeks ago, spent a weekend admitted to the hospital and then followed that all up with the extraction of teeth…..

It began as a sinus headache right around the 9th. I told the nurse checking me in for my Remicade infusion the following Monday (13th) basically shrugging it off. Its not uncommon for me to have significant maxillary sinus pain.

Monday night, I started feeling pretty bad and I had some swelling just around the left cheekbone. I soaked a washcloth in hot water and held that to my face a good part of that night.

By Wednesday, the swelling was more noticeable and the pressure beside my nose was intense. It was difficult to sleep.

Thursday morning, my eye started swelling and we went to the ER. I had a CT scan which showed that I had an abscess on a tooth.

I was given IV antibiotics. They admitted me initially, but they called in an oral surgeon to see if he could help me and then discussed possibly letting me go home. The oral surgeon did his thing…..(ouch and eww) and it was thought that the swelling had gone down, so they discharged me and sent me on my way with prescriptions.

I woke up somewhere around 3 am Friday morning and instantly realized how weird my face felt. I looked in the mirror and the entire left side of my face was swollen, with my left eye red and almost swelled closed.

So back to the ER I went. They admitted me right away and started me back on the IV antibiotics.

This is some SERIOUS business right here. I had never even heard of 900 mg dosages.

So, after my boyfriend left to get the list of stuff I couldnt live without for a couple days-after sitting with me in emergency rooms for the last two days, and I gave my entire health history for about the millionth time, I ‘settled’ into my hospital room.

I have to preface what follows immediately after this, with….I wasnt necessarily bored when I noticed this – but, I had to wonder just who installed the door handle to my room upside down.

I have to say that I am very glad that Carroll Hospital has free wifi. I think I would have gone absolutely crazy 3 1/2 days without internet access…Anyway, I was released from the hospital Sunday (19th).

I scheduled an appointment with an oral surgeon in Westminster to have the abscessed tooth pulled. (I went to Cornerstone on 140 near the MVA and they were AWESOME!) That was Monday (27th). The oral surgeon sent me home with 10 more days of antibiotics. (By the time Im done, Ill have been on antibiotics for 28 days.)

After hearing multiple horror stories about what happened to others that were in a similar situation, I count myself as pretty lucky. And, Im going to be sure to take every last pill.