Im sure by now youve heard that Susan G Komen has cut funding to Planned Parenthood. (

And I saw this article posted today that states that this decision is permanent. (


In case youve been living in a cave, Susan G. Komen for the Cure is a leading fundraiser for breast cancer research and awareness. The grant Planned Parenthood received from Komen each year was responsible for 170,000 breast cancer screenings and 6,400 mammogram referrals each year. None of the money received from Susan G Komen went to any abortion services.

But those facts obviously dont matter.

It seems as though theyve hired Karen Handel, who ran for governor of Georgia in 2010 and lost. Shes been Komen’s senior vice president for public policy since April 2011.

Why is this important?

Well, on July 15,  2010, she put out this blog post ( Thank the internet archives, since the actual blog doesnt exist any longer.

And now…..Susan G Komen has this new ‘rule’ that states their organization bars them from donating to other organizations currently under investigation.

In fact, the ‘investigation’ being brought on by Republican Congressman, is so laughable, that its NOT funny.

Planned Parenthood cant use the money it gets from the federal government for abortions. ( And the Hyde Amendment restricts Medicaid funding for abortions (meaning it only allows them in cases of rape, incest and for the life of the mother). ( Not only that, but the federal budget deal now bans Washington, D.C., from paying for abortions as well. (Source: The Washington Post [cannot locate link])


There is such misinformation regarding Planned Parenthood out in the ‘wild’. And  Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl claimed last spring on the Senate floor that “well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does” is provide abortion services.

Sorry to tell yall, but that figure is totally inaccurate. Heres a pie-chart that represents the services Planned Parenthood provides:

For those of you who claim that Planned Parenthood is an (and Ill quote) ‘abortion mill’, you couldnt be further from the truth.

They also provide:

  • anemia testing
  • cholesterol screening
  • diabetes screening
  • physical exams, including for employment and sports
  • flu vaccine
  • help with quitting smoking
  • high blood pressure screening
  • tetanus vaccines
  • thyroid screening

Services offered to men include:

  • checkups for reproductive or sexual health problems
  • colon cancer screening
  • erectile dysfunction services, including education, exams, treatment, and referral
  • jock itch exam and treatment
  • male infertility screening and referral
  • premature ejaculation services, including education, exams, treatment, and referral
  • routine physical exams
  • testicular cancer screenings
  • prostate cancer screenings
  • urinary tract infection testing and treatment
  • vasectomy
Most Health Departments dont even cover some of these services, let alone for little to no cost to the patients.
I go from being incredibly sad that so many people are blind regarding Planned Parenthood to incredibly mad that their heads are in the sand. How many low income people will not find cancers early enough now because of this funding being cut? How many will die?
Quite honestly, some of the same people berating Planned Parenthood, are the same ones who probably havent had to find doctors who didnt need hundreds of dollars at the time of service, in order to receive their healthcare. Ya know…..those people with that fancy health insurance. Funny how the people making the decisions never have to deal with those decisions, huh?



Should you wish to donate your money to your local Planned Parenthood, go here (

Should you wish to donate your money elsewhere, here are a few suggestions