With all the fuss over Newt Gingrich, his affairs, his presumed ‘open marriage’ and the like, I feel like the ONLY person in the world to remember a few facts regarding the former senator and speaker of the house.

First Point: Back in the 90s, Newt has this ‘great’ idea. Lets take welfare reform to another level. His suggestion? Cut off all payments and place those children into orphanages. Suffice it to say, this ignited a pure firestorm of controversy. (As a matter of personal disclosure, this topic was the only time I ever called into a local talk show ‘Sunday Lopez’ on local radio channel 98 Rock)

I wont presume that this topic will offend many, but hopefully it will offend enough people to place this subject firmly in the minds of those who are seriously considering this man as a viable candidate for the office of president.

Second point: I dont understand how ANYONE can write off this affair-open marriage business without thinking back to something else that occurred during Newts time as speaker of the house…..Namely his witch-hunt regarding Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Now, dont get me wrong, what Clinton did was in fact, wrong. He shouldnt have had ‘relations’ with that woman.

But, Newt….well, he took the holier than thou role, leading the charge for Clintons impeachment (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impeachment_of_Bill_Clinton )

and then Newt admitted his own affair that occurred during the same period of time as Clinton: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-441336/U-S-senator-tried-impeach-Bill-Clinton-Lewinsky-affair–admits-having-affair-.html

So, whats with the double standard? I dont know.

And I dont know how any of the GOP candidates can let some of this slide.

And I dont know how ANYONE in the main stream media wont go into the snafu that Newt backtracked on regarding orphanages, or group homes or whatever other label he put out there regarding children of those who receive government assistance.