Ive been wanting to comment about this ‘Marines urinating on dead afghan soldiers’ story since it broke. Today, I got to my breaking point when I saw this post appear in my facebook stream. 

In case you missed this entire saga of repulsiveness, I give you some links:


Quotes from above linked article:

“Certainly what is apparently occurring in that video is deplorable and does not live up to the very high standards set for the US Marines or, broadly, the US military,” he said.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined Panetta in deploring the video, saying “it is absolutely inconsistent with American values, with the standards of behaviour that we expect from our military personnel.”

Considering what Im seeing online, (from a Marine) these quotes are far from the truth.

The conversation I commented on in my facebook stream, went from what you see to ‘whats the difference between murder and urination’ very quickly. Beyond those comments, its apparent that if you havent served in the armed forces, you have no right to comment…..what?

Even later in this same thread, its even commended that our military formerly suppressed evidence such as this video–Which makes me seriously question the ethics of our service personnel.

Heres another link:  http://www.theroot.com/marines-urinating-dead-taliban-soldiers

And another:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2085872/Urination-video-4-US-Marines-charged-hours.html

Quote from the above linked article:

‘If verified as authentic, the video shows behaviour that is totally unbecoming of American military personnel and that could ultimately endanger other soldiers and civilians.’


And Americans wonder why these people HATE us?

I dont care if you disagree with how Afghanistan treats its citizens. As an American woman, I can certainly see where one can get angry at the way they treat females who speak their mind. But to desecrate ANY dead body, whether they were a soldier, insurgent, or just a citizen is wrong and immoral.

The argument that they would do the same to us is moot. Two wrongs do NOT make a right. Period.


And how can you justify this when stories about maimed and neglected soldiers incense you?

See: http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/war/wantwar/maimed_mistreated_neglected.html

Quote:  According to an officer, their living conditions were so unacceptable for injured soldiers he said they “were being treated like dogs.”

And how can you justify this when stories about our soldiers remains being thrown in a dump incense you?

Or see this: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/210961.html or this:  http://www.presstv.ir/detail/209679.html (Articles on throwing US soldiers remains in the dump)

Quote:  According to the reports, the mortuary was even responsible for severing the limb of a fallen soldier without his family’s consent, simply because they were unable to fit it into his uniform.

Funny how this is how WE treat our own service personnel?

No, I havent served in the armed forces. And no, I dont plan on serving. But that shouldnt be the basis for dismissing my points.

If desecration of human remains is wrong, then its wrong on ALL levels. Yes, ALL of them.

Personally, if you can even justify the behavior that was caught on video, you arent worthy of my respect. I dont care what branch of the military you serve/served in. Your tolerance for such a disgusting and repulsive act speaks for itself.