One of the blogs I follow has recently been posting these 30 Days of Truth writing prompts. (See list here: ) I thought, what a great idea!

Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs (post titles/artists)

I have to admit, todays blog took awhile. I decided to keep it to 10 songs (which was harder than you think)

This playlist is to Frank (of course, right?)

10- Motley Crue-Home Sweet Home – I chose this song because there I identify with the fact that despite the ‘wall’ I built, my heart IS like an open book that only he has been able to read. (yea yea, I can be a sap)

9- Tesla-Love Song – I chose this song for two reasons….First, it shares the title with a Cure song (and I promise not to put any Cure in this playlist) Second, Frank and I have a very complicated beginning. If you are an outsider, you may not be privy to the details, but we are on our second chance.

8- Motley Crue-Without You – I chose this one because Without You in my life, I WOULD slowly wilt and die. And you are the reason Im alive. Literally. Every lyric of the song completely describes how I feel about you. We gotta find a place where we can slow dance to this.

7- Pantera-This Love – Okay okay….this aint a love song….but out of all Panteras music, this is MY favorite…and besides, cemetery gates and Walk wouldnt really be appropriate either. Haha.

6- Alice in Chains-No Excuses – I can remember trying to ‘get rid of you’ and you wouldnt hear of it. Ive always been one that when things got too deep for me, I would try to run away. But you saw right thru that. (and yes, Im aware that this song aint about that, but pfft)

5- LifeHouse-Hanging By A Moment – When we first started seeing each other, I remember banning the words ‘I love you’. (We would say Olive Juice instead) And now I would scream these lyrics! (I’m falling even more in love with you / Letting go of all I’ve held onto / I’m standing here until you make me move / I’m hanging by a moment here with you)

4- The Cult-Heart of Soul – Im not sure if you know this song….but one of the lyrics ‘The words dont mean a thing, you got to get to the heart of soul’ just hit me in the gut.

3- Tesla-What you Give – I should just post the lyrics-theyre pretty explanatory ( You are my soul mate.

2- Metallica-Nothing Else Matters – First-How can I make a playlist without including Metallica? This song just fits us. (Never opened myself this way / Life is ours, we live it our way / All these words I don’t just say / And nothing else matters)

1- Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here – Its no secret that everytime I hear a Pink Floyd song, I think of you. But this song especially reminds me of you. I always hear you singing ‘We’re just two lost souls – Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year’.

I love you, my Firestarter. I dont know how I got so lucky to have you, but Im thankful for everything.

Bonus: Ozzy Osbourne – I Just want You – See lyrics: (