One of the blogs I follow has recently been posting these 30 Days of Truth writing prompts. (See list here: ) I thought, what a great idea!

Something you wish you had done in your life

About 11 years ago, I was offered a job opportunity that would have moved me to western Pennsylvania. It (at the time) was great money and they would have even paid for my move.

I obviously didnt take the job because my kids were rooted in their schools, friends, community etc and my boyfriend wouldnt have been able to find work in his area of expertise. But there are times when I wonder what would have happened had I taken that job.

I often wonder if my kids would have made a smooth transition. I wonder if my daughter would have been given a full ride to a college in the area. Would they have made friends in a new community? Would those schools have been better off for them?

I have wondered if I would still be employed with that employer had I taken that position?

I have to say that out of all the things I wish I had done, this is the only -coulda, shoulda, woulda, and what if that still lingers.