One of the blogs I follow has recently been posting these 30 Days of Truth writing prompts. (See list here: ) I thought, what a great idea!

Your views on drugs and alcohol

My views on alcohol and drugs might get some raised eyebrows from some, but whatever…..

I know several people who abuse/abused alcohol. And for those people, they will forever have this monkey on their back. I also know several people who have an occasional glass of wine or bottle of beer etc, and things go on fine for them, without a problem. I think that if you can drink (without driving) and still be productive at your job and manage to pay your bills, what do I care if you drink or not?

When it comes to drugs, there are many varieties. Even prescription medications can be abused.

I am for legalization of marijuana to assist those who need it for medical purposes. I run in a very gray area when it comes to generally legalizing this drug.

There are many people who can use weed and be productive. BUT, for every one of those, there are lots more who rob and cheat their way into getting it and just being useless.

I believe that being caught with marijuana should not land you jail time. Those caught using or possessing this drug without having a medical excuse SHOULD be fined however. And if you dont pay those fines, there should be some sort of program where you have to volunteer in your neighborhood to clean up the streets, local gardens etc (community service). And if you are on public assistance and get caught with weed (or any other drug for that matter), you should lose your benefits. Yes, ALL of them.

There are many many jobs which require one to be alert (air traffic controller, police, fire personnel and the like). For those people, I still support drug testing, as well as offering one chance to clean up your act (unless of which, death is a result of your drug use).

Harder drugs however, should remain illegal until it is proven effective in treating medical issues.