One of the blogs I follow has recently been posting these 30 Days of Truth writing prompts. (See list here: ) I thought, what a great idea!

What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

I took a break yesterday from this series in order to address something else here on my blog. And in doing so, Im one day behind on this series, but Im choosing not to skip any days even if I miss posting here and there.

Im sort of glad that I did because there is something I want to address in todays topic, that some of you may ‘take the wrong way’ – Some of you may even make assumptions based on what this post is addressing. And some of you may not even identify with what Im posting about because you have been ‘brainwashed’ into this type of thinking.

Im going to post something that I know that you wont like….

What do I think about religion? Where does one even begin?

To some religion is exhilarating, uplifting, wonderful. To others it can be judgemental or tiresome. Its one of those things where not everyone will agree. Even those with similar beliefs will not agree on alot of things.

I was raised in a Christian church. I went to Sunday School. I even went to a summer Bible camp. I was raised to think Christians were full of love and stuff like that. I was raised to think that Christians werent supposed to judge other people.

Everyday I see more and more that *most* Christians do not practice what they preach.

It upsets me that among the various types of friends I have, some of the nicest people get treated like crap just because they dont believe what someone else believes. So many of my friends do happen to be varying denominations of Christians (ie Catholics, Baptists, Methodists etc) And they all claim to be this all-loving type of person….

Ill just start this rant off with something I think EVERYONE will agree about……and I only have to say 3 words and you will know EXACTLY where Im going with this. WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH.

Its sorta crazy that so many Christians will call these people insane, crazy etc, when they are just as guilty of doing similar things. They just dont picket funerals….They just dont hold up hatefilled signs….They ‘hide’ their crazy.

And the crazy gets worse when it comes to how Christians treat and talk to those who dont believe.

You see, last week columnist, author, speaker and atheist Christopher Hitchens passed away after a battle with cancer. Most people I know have never read anything hes written because Christians are instructed to not read, listen etc to anything an atheist would say. But yet, the minute Hitch died, I saw a thousands of people posting about how he deserved to die, that his lack of faith killed him, and the best reactions came from a hashtag #godisnotgreat (which is the title to one of his books) Many, many, many posts from Christians claimed that whoever made up this hashtag should die.

Youre more than happy to read the ‘best of’ reactions posted here: Some of you MAY be appalled at this. But some may actually agree with these people. To those who agree with what those posts say, I dont want to hear your excuses. You are sick.

Because I have friends who are atheists, and yes, I do call them my friends…..I see alot of discussion about this hypocrisy.

However, upon further review, and after MUCH discussion, I have begun to realize that hate is what you get when it comes to being someone of a different faith or if someone has no faith at all. In fact, if you have no faith, you are shunned by those with faith.

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? (

And, just to change it up a little…..Im sure by now youve heard about this Tim Tebow guy. Hes a quarterback in the NFL. One of those ‘in your face’ religious types. And while hes got every right to do and say whatever he wants….even believers are a little sick of it. There are running jokes all over the internet about if his team loses, that god must not love him anymore, and SNL even had a skit with jesus telling him to back off a bit….but Bill Maher tweeted his own take and has been ripped to shreds.

Heres the tweet that has many in a tizzy

The above tweet was posted December 24, 2011. But yet, NOT one person had ANYTHING to say about this little gem (warning-language)

I guess because most national media outlets dont watch Bill Maher, they let this just slip on by….No national media story went out about this, unlike some random tweet posted Christmas Eve.

And Im quite shocked that my republican friends, who are STILL up in arms about the Bill Mayer tweet, have nothing to say about the above linked youtube video. Because even tho it starts out as an ‘attack’ on Tebow, it literally shreds apart some of those running for the gop nomination for president.

Im not saying you gotta agree with Bill Maher. I disagree with some of what hes said. But lets stop acting like you are better than him.

The reason I chose these examples, is that when you post certain things online, like on twitter, on on your own blog, you will get responses from people you dont know and dont follow.

And its crazy sometimes what you get replied on. Its crazy the assumptions people make about you after seeing ONE random tweet in a hashtag search. And they DO judge you based on that one tweet.

Ive been called everything. Some names I wouldnt call my worst enemy. Many assume Im some liberal nut job. Many assume that Im some redneck. Many assume things about my beliefs.

And while looking thru some of the replies Ive received, I click on their profiles to see what? They are Christians. Some are even leaders of various churches, youth groups, etc.

Im sure that many people (and even those who do know me) will make some sort of assumption based on this blog post.

But, it makes me literally sick to my stomach to see comments from people who arent supposed to be judging others. If you are a Christian, why not take that step out and be nice to those you disagree with? Instead of replying with profanity, threats and other assorted vile, why not take time out of your life to simply ask why someone thinks the way they do? You MIGHT even find out that the other person is a great person…..they just dont agree with you. (And quite honestly, who needs a yes man?)

You arent going to ‘win someone over’ by calling someone names and telling them you wish they were dead, etc. Havent your ever heard that you win more people over with honey?