Warning: If you offend easily due to coarse language, dont read this post. Several replies were profane.

One of the people I follow on twitter, Beth, tweeted a reply to a former dirt track racer and current Nascar driver, Kasey Kahne (https://twitter.com/#!/kaseykahne).

So, I go to Kasey Kahnes twitter page, because, well….inquiring minds gotta know….and I see these two tweets

Later, Kasey (who Im sure had pages of @replies) decided to respond to one (pic of deleted tweet pasted in the below linked article)


Or….if youd rather just see the tweets 

And here, is where he truly went wrong. Its one thing to tweet an opinion. We ALL have them. Its entirely a different story when you pick ONE person out and decide to call her profane names because you cant handle seeing a boob.

So, a few of us decided to tweet another ‘hot’ breastfeeding story….This one about a mother whose child woke up in a Target, and so, she went to a secluded area in the store and nursed her child. This act, in turn, led her to be ‘accosted’ by a few store employees….and then a nurse-in about a month later (http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2011/12/breastfeeding-at-target-moms-stage-national-demonstration/#.TvvLkuajrAc.twitter) And yea, I replied it to Kasey Kahne with a snarky remark about how he cant go to Target now either.

Almost immediately, I got replies from three males (according to their twitter bios, and one of them is a pastor). Each tweet more and more shockingly sexist and almost pervy. And a few interesting replies were posted on my facebook wall.

So let me explain in more than 140 characters why woman breastfeed…..ya know, just in case you dont know.


First, its what breasts are made for. Biologically speaking and all. I know you men like to look at these body parts and drool about how they are for you……but Im sorry to break it to you….they are not.

Secondly, breastfeeding is way less expensive than bottle feeding. Even back in the late 80s when I had my oldest child, formula was something like $30 a case. And considering I, at the time, was a stay at home mom, we gotta pinch pennies any way we can.

Thirdly, and this one is pretty easy…..formula recalls. (http://articles.cnn.com/2011-12-22/us/us_missouri-formula-recall_1_powdered-infant-cronobacter-powdered-formula?_s=PM:US) For all those people claiming parents shouldnt nurse because we have formula….better safe than sorry with this. And even tho this is a recent article, each year, we hear about another recall due to something in the formula that shouldnt be, and it eventually kills an infant.


Now, lets get to some of the ‘suggestions’ offered by some of those men to mothers who choose to breastfeed their children.

*Feed them in the bathroom – Uh, have you seen the inside of a public restroom? For one, its disgusting. Now….unless you have NO idea what happens and how long it can take to nurse a baby….where is this mother supposed to sit with her child?

*Take them to the car-I have to say….this one does make me laugh. So, your in the store shopping when your child wakes up….and you leave your cart and go to your car? What if the weather is bad? Thats two extra trips to go to and from the car to nurse a baby.

*Pump breast milk and give the baby bottle-Well, I hate to break it to you, but there ARE children who will NOT take a bottle. Some breastfed babies wont even take a pacifier.

*Stay at home-Yea. This one works. Never go anywhere because you breastfeed. Mhh, hmm.


Some men replied that breastfeeding mothers just want others to see their breasts.

and of course, nursing moms have daddy issues.

Those two replies were from a pastor, at that!

and then my favorite tweet of all….the oh, she has to force her LIBERAL AGENDA on everyone reply….


Its hysterical to me that breastfeeding is now a conservative vs. liberal thing. I guess when I was a registered republican and nursed, I was lying to myself…..Guess Im a liberal then?

And Kasey Kahne isnt the only racer that responds to this debate by cursing at those he disagrees with. Someone posting replies to my post on facebook took the swear route also…..as well as saying that a breast in a bikini = hot and a breast nursing a child =gross.


As I was writing this blog post this afternoon, I happened to see a new tweet from one of the guys who tweeted at me last night. Guess where he checked in on foursquare?

So yea, its apparently okay to have lunch around scantily clad women, who are dressed to show off their…..assets (ahem)  but to be around a nursing mother…….notsomuch


This is not an apology. This is ‘Im sorry you were offended’

And Kasey….I just want you to know that after following your career for the past 15+ years (including seeing you beat Fred Rahmer at the Grove on a Sunday afternoon about 12 years ago), Im done with you. Im sure a good percentage of your fanbase is done with you….showing that you are a male chauvenist pig and all….That aww hes so cute stuff only goes so far, ya know.